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SQ1 & 2 for Macintosh, Macintosh II on Mac LCIII

Guest OmniKnight

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Guest OmniKnight

Having issues running SQ1 & 2. I have a Macintosh LCIII, with an Apple 12" VGA monitor, and OS 7.6


If I try to start the game with colors set down to 16, I see four instances of the game side-by-side on the top of the screen (with varying colors in each). Unfortunately, I can't set the screen resolution down, as the only option within the Monitors Control Panel is '640 x 480, 67 Hz'


Please help!

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Hm... I ran into this problem, I don't recall ever finding a solution to it... however... these forums may help you OmniKnight...





Side note though not helpful for running them on an old Mac, but you should be able to run SQ1 and SQ2 on a new Mac with Scummvm unless there is a 68k version of it...

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