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Fan creation ideas


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Put here any (even crazy) ideas about any fan creation.




* Shopper sim with Fester


* Fighting with SQ characters (as MK)


* Japanese ver of SQ4 with Jap. voicepack (who said anime and SQ don't combine? [WSAASQDC])


* SQ round-robin fanfiction


* Roger transformed to Spike and now he must to find and return his body


* After destroying Xenonian Vohaul's base time machine core there glitched and Roger was gone to PAST, to time where Xenon was young and there no any Wilco family here. But there is one family Vohaul.


* Very hard 2d arcade with fun deaths of Wilco, where you must survive. Gameplay view as SQ3. Wilco must climb, jump, take some items for inventory to use to help go forward.


* SQ Machinima movies (like freeman's mind, etc hl2 joky videos) in AGS or some Sierra's engine.


* SQ1 demo with top view


* Hand-painted demo version of any SQ


* Inverse world - Woler Girco is Sarien and his ship was encountered by humans...


* Parody game 2 all SQ


* Sierra's SQ7-like multiplayer SQ adventure. Each pla has own story, adventure tasks and can interact with other players and NPC. Also there's generally plot for all

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Ideas from Russian version of the thread:


* Demo remake any SQ in the graphic style like EGO-Roger (from AGS)


* SQ-related 'skin' (drawing on the surface) for mobile phone (ex., the cover from SQ comics #1)


* SQ toys (characters and ships) as the same toys about Batman, Spiderman, etc


* The worldest SQ fund. Everyone fan put a bit money for some cool SQ thing :D For ex. buying SQ rights (to accept Colin Davis's SQ7 and, maybe, get some exclusive)


* Fan game where we must beat Roger


* Fan game. We play as real Scott Murphy (with bear; not Andromedian, but human), who must destroy all decorations and characters of SQ chapter. May be as platformer.



* Comics about all SQ chapters, include plot from SQ6 demo


* Fan movie about the first SQ


* Monolith Burger IRL. Real food restaurant (like Planet Hollywood). With space theme, attractions, etc

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