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Secret SQ Project


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Vroomfondel and I have been creating new SQ project. He doesn't want to talk about it and hide info, but I'm SQ manjack and I can't stop.


In this project Vroomfondel is the janitor boss of Wilco. His name is Uncle Vroomko. He has cool moustache and he's drunk always. And he's very fat.


This is fangame. You must order Wilco to wash everywhere and clean toilets and check his job out.


You use the broom for accelerating so slow Roger. And you must always find this runaway stupid monkey. Of course, you have a pistol and can kill Roger. But it's not neccessary, because he's already dead at the beginning of the game. And you must find the man who killed him and learn for why he did it. Then you must get the Ressurection Stone of Galaxy and respawn Rogie. But he'll be zombie and you must kill him again...


Really, it's long game. And you don't know when it'll be finished, because it uses random game length. It'll be released never in 2012, after end of the world.

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I've been a member of this community for longer than I'd care to remember. I've done my fair share of stupid activities, as well did. We were young and stupid back then.


I'd appreciate it if you didn't use my name in your jokes, capiche? Neither of us have a fan project in the works. It's time to get a new hobby, this isn't healthy for you.

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I don't think people here are "very serious." Your current jokes just aren't very funny, to be a little blunt.


Chris is right in that other thread; you want to see "Space Quest" live on? Support the current fan projects or do the effort to establish a proper project instead of endlessly raving on about a project that got cancelled years ago. "Incinerations" and VSB are both well on their way, and SQ2+ and "Outer Edge of Earnon" are looking really cool as well. Trust me - all of these projects are going to do a lot for the franchise.


Mind you, you don't owe us fangame developers anything, but just a little patience and respect would come a long way. I'm sure the guys from the other projects would agree.

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It is - we're just keeping a little quiet about it. But I really hope it's going to be released this year. Maybe early next year, before the end of the world :wink:


I also agree on different types of humour for different countries - it's made a lot more complicated by the net as well!

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