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Ken Williams supports The Two Guys

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As you may have seen, Ken Williams pledged to the Two Guys Kickstarter and wrote the following endorsement in the comment field:


"Greetings all! I hope that everyone will pitch in and help Scott/Mark

get the funding needed to build a game. The world needs a bit of humor

about now, and in true Space Quest style the Two Guys from Andromeda

may have what we most need.

-Ken Williams"


If you feel like helping out, please tweet or post about the fact that the founder of Sierra On-Line -- and, no joke, the reason why Space Quest even exists -- has given his blessings ... and his boat money.


Include a link to www.tgakick.com somewhere in there for maximum ass-kicking velocity points. :)


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That's pretty awesome.

What needs to happen to gain velocity is getting the Two Guys interviewed on various websites... Al Lowe and LSL and such got on Forbes, Gamusutra, etc etc - we need the Two Guys to do the same.

(Also a very common theme I have seen in the forum postings as I attempt to spread the word, and see other threads others have done) - is people wanting more information about "the space adventure." They're saying there's too little info. So I think if they expanded on what type of game, what they want to do, and such - it'd greatly inspire people to donate to the cause, rather than just saying, "We need this much to make a space venture game for you - the fans."

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I've been hoping that Ken & Roberta would send some kind words from their yacht in support of some of the old Sierra games projects -- I think I've even suggested over the last couple months that each project try to get them to film a video.


Still, it feels amazing to hear from Ken after all these years! It's just damn near the most encouraging thing I can imagine. Really hits that tear-jerking nostalgia nerve.... "It's mom and dad! They care!"


It's pretty hard to make much of an impact re-posting a short comment -- but I've tried... It'd probably be good if the Two Guys thanked them for their support and reposted it in an update... Or get them to film a video :)

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