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KQ3 Redux OST released (not SE)

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I've decided to release the regular game soundtrack seeing as the Special Edition OST is taking longer than I had hoped

(but I still plan on finishing).


This is the original music pack that was used for the game itself. It's got all the music files in there. I don't have all the masters anymore so these aren't the highest quality, but they are listenable and should do for people who have been waiting a while. The special edition soundtrack is not finished yet and will be a while still. Hopefully this can hold people over until it gets done finally. Please note that this is quickly slapped together and not organized at all. But everything should be there. I also included an instrumental version of Coming Home as a bonus.


I know the SE soundtrack has been taking a while and I apologize. Full plate and all. I still intend to finish it, though.


KQ3 Redux Soundtrack (game music files) - ZIP 57.4 MB

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