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Big press release containing a lot of nuts and bolts- must read


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:y: to the Two Guys and Chris Pope. Great job.


Visit tgakick.com for more details, download the PowerPoint or PDF (I recommend the PP) for full coverage!


I'm excited about Ace Hardway and his helper Rooter, and the 'visions' of Cluck sound hilarious.. It sounds similar to but just different enough from SQ that I'm eager for it.

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It does sound awesome. I like how this guy's as hopeless as roger but has more energy. Twice as much bumbling and this time like you mean it!


The whole no need to save/restore for deaths is great too. I guess they took notice from Incinerations. I wonder if they will incorporate it into the next prototype considering they said they would be working on that.


I'm super excited about the multiple control too. I can just imaging the possibilities for fun with rooter. Having a companion like that would cut some of the loneliness out of the gameplay too and who knows... maybe they will allow two-computer gameplay where each have control of one of them. I should suggest that when I have the chance.

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