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Okay, yeah. Roger Jr. says he's gonna put Roger back where he found him. That's right. Didn't think of that.


But that actually makes things even more complicated. Since Roger didn't defeat Vohaul until SQ12, doesn't that mean he's getting put back in an SQ4 where Vohaul's still hologramatically alive and well along with his Sequel Policemen? And if he's getting spat back right where Jr. found him, isn't that just into the open arms of the Sequel Policemen who were sent to find him?


Granted, all this "operates" from SQ12, but that implies that Vohaul exists in some beyond-time state where defeating him in the future will retroactively defeat him in the past. Now THAT'S fucked up. ;)


Also, the hint book in the Galaxy Galleria indicates that SQ4 DID happen; we just weren't around to see it. :)


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If Roger Jr is to be trusted, the ripple effect would have had to "deactivate" or "reprogram" the Spols guarding the Magmethius Canteen when Roger reemerged or, as far as their concerned, Vohaul is still at large from thier point on the timeline and Roger would become parking lot pizza....unless Roger Jr. misjudged and "SQ12 Roger" actually landed on SQ4 Xenon out of harm's way until the ripple effect effectively whiped away the sequel police...if that didn't happen, and the Sequel Police are still talking order's from a "still at large from their point" Vohaul, Roger is no longer safe...the Sequel Police will FOREVER be on his track...


Admittedly, I'm slightly buzzed so I hope I made somewhat sense lol

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Dude, you have to be buzzed in order to make sense of any of this. ;)


Well, even though there's still a mess to clear up, Roger might be safe when he reappears in SQ4 outside the Magmethean canteen. Assuming that all Spols (I like that abbreviation) originate from the SQ12 timeline -- and also assuming that defeating Vohaul in SQ12 causes all the Spols, regardless of where they are, to deactivate -- then Roger should be fine. Or at least not in any immediate mortal danger upon his return.


That's assuming a hell of a lot, though. For all we know, all the Spols are now running around the SQ timeline like headless chickens, stirring up shit wherever they can, trying to find a period in time where the Vohaul Virus is still intact in space somewhere so they can get back to what they were doing and ... hey, there might be a story in that.


Maybe I should get buzzed myself before I go any further.

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Have you ever heard of this theory that time travel surely must be possible if you receive an E-mail or a visit from your future self traveling back to the present time?


A paradox I came up with is that, if the "disk-at-the-bottom-of-the-SuperComputer" theory is correct, that must mean at some point in time in the infinite future of the universe, someone would have to revive Vohaul and he'll eventually try to find a way to travel back to the past to kill Roger Wilco (cause he's irrational like that). Based on the fact that Vohaul has not shown up yet since SQ4 (SQ12?), we can conclude that there is no disk at the bottom of the Super Computer, and Vohaul is well and truly dead. ;)

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