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Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors has arrived!

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I finally got around to playing both this game and its prequel not long ago. Excellent work :D but a couple of comments:


--It feels like there was a bit of a shortcoming regarding Roger the boyfriend. When he first showed up, I was expecting the game to have some sort of "sidekick" mechanism (ala Fate of Atlantis) where Roger would tag along with Bea and offer hints and/or assist in one or two puzzle solutions. Having him show up in the intro and then just sort of get left behind seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.


--Giving the game the subtitle "Noodle Shop of Horrors" is a bit misleading. I was expecting the game to take place in said noodle shop rather than Bea's apartment again.


--When is that expansion pack coming out? Get to work, already. ;)


--Vohaul the cat. Best. Pet name. Ever.

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Glad to hear that you enjoyed the games, Ascii! They were a blast to work on.


I'd like to see more out of Roger, too. Design-wise, I'm not clever enough to think of something as cool as the Fate of Atlantis-style sidekick mechanism, but if there's ever another installment in the Pledge Quest series, it would be fun getting Roger a bit more involved.


I'm 100% to blame for the title. We established the noodle shop at the end of PQ1, and I couldn't resist the corny Little Shop of Horrors wordplay. I briefly considered "Vohaul the Cat's Revenge" (hence the alternate title), but I wanted something that would reveal as little as possible about the plot of the game. So, "Noodle Shop of Horrors" it was!


We're launching a Kickstarter soon for the expansion pack/DLC. Right now, our projected budget is $14 million, but a decent chunk of that is going toward renting a private island for development. ;)



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if there's ever another installment in the Pledge Quest

There'd better be! You've got yourself a grade-A primo intellectual property going here. ;)


it would be fun getting Roger a bit more involved

I'm envisioning something that's somewhere between Sohpia from Fate of Atlantis, and Max from the Sam and Max games. He'd follow Bea from room to room, and would have various 'fidgit' animations where he'd occasionally interact with room objects (watching Bea's TV, raiding her cereal cabinet, etc). He'd have a dialogue tree with options for asking him about puzzles or room objects, with his responses used to give hints to the player if they need them. You'd also have the option to 'use' him on things if his physical assistance was required (say, holding open a door).


Vohaul the Cat's Revenge

That reminds me - I laughed out loud at Vohaul's 'disguise'. I like how apparantly all it takes to impersonate Ken Williams is the right mustache and a suitably imposing presense. ;)

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