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SQ 4.5 soundtrack


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Hey folks,


Just a quick post asking if anyone has the downloaded soundtrack from the SQ4.5 fangame website. The original website has a dead link, and I recently got told about it- it has a number of good SQ remixes/orchestral enhancements in it, especially 4/5 tracks.

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I've written this story countless of times, but if you want my blunt take on it, Peter(the author of SQ4.5) might just have scavenged those remixes from other sources; Datadog had him do part of the music for "Incinerations," but it turned out his contributions consisted of cues taken from "BATTLE: Los Angeles" and "TRON: Legacy." Chris didn't realise till it was too late, but when he found out by chance, it made sense why Peter had explicitly refused to compose anything based on the SQ theme :P


Of course, when confronted with this, he began rambling about not knowing his cues had ended up in those films, about how he was going to confront his record company (?!), etc. Not very believeable. I'll admit I haven't listened to the SQ4.5 soundtrack, but knowing this guy's track record, I'm personally taking his credit for the soundtrack with a grain of salt...

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