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SQ4 update for CD - no speech here!


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I don't have that "patch" on my site as it is of questionable legality. It is essentially all of the game data from the disk version of the game that has been hacked together with CD version. I suppose that I could eventually create a binary difference patch that would require the user to have both versions to to apply the patch against.


As to the lack of speech, be sure that you are using the RESOURCE.AUD from the CD and that your RESOURCE.CFG points to it.

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No problem. I do have the NRS timer patches for direct download ad well as my installers include them, just not the SQ4 MPC "update". While my site may not have as high of a profile as the likes of ScummVM or DOSBox, it has caught the attention of certain entities that would make me uncomfortable with hosting an entire game's data of a non freewared game. For all of that, Microsoft has referred people to my site as the publisher of certain Sierra games. -_-

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