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VSB Text Logo (Steam Grid Banners)

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This question is moreso directed to Frede, I guess. I was wondering if I could get a hold of a logo graphic for Space Quest Vohaul Strikes Back with just the text logo and no background image. I've gotten into the habit of creating Steam Grid Banners for all my non-Steam game shortcuts for Steam Grid View and VSB is the only one that's giving me a bit of grief as none of the graphics work very well when cropping/resizing/etc. Any chance I can get a hold of something like that?

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Never mind. I looked all over Google Image Search and then visited the VSB site itself and the actual top banner of the page has a perfectly nice isolated version of the title text that will work just fine. lol


Here it is, for those who would like it. And one for Incinerations as well, which was just a fortuitously simple cropping job.


sqvsb.png incinerations.png

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