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SQ4CD has internal speech+text mode?


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I used the game glitch in the hintbook shop. And I got speech+text mode instead of speech mode



In the game panel BOTH mode was appear. How?


So we can choose BOTH mode somehow? At the beginning of the game?



I did ArtMoney method from this glitch and had BOTH mode at the start of the SQ4CD. But now it doesn't work somewhy


And I change hex via DosBox... But better do it via EXE or game resources. Set BOTH mode as default


For ex, Speech mode is 00. Text is 01. And Both is 02



Maybe BOTH mode is cancelled feature? But why? It works

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The option to have both text and speech were removed for some reason before release. No one knows why. I've joked with Scott a few times about it; he has no idea why they would take it out.


Some of the dialogue appears a little different in the text boxes, but it's nothing distracting.


You don't have to go all the way to the bargain bin to activate the text+speech glitch, however. You can do it during the game's intro. When the Narrator goes, "We rejoin our friend and semi-hero Roger Wilco ... (etc.)", press Space and choose to skip the intro. There! The rest of the game has text+speech.


Another way is to download what's known as the "NewRisingSun patch" which does a number of things. Not only does it enable text+speech, it also uses the original artwork from the disk version, it fixes the timer bugs, and it contains a time code to the "room removed for legal reasons" so you can actually go there without having to hack the game files. You can download that puppy here: http://www.spacequest.net/archives/sq4/patches/


Or ... you can just play the game through ScummVM. That also fixes the timer bugs and lets you enable text+speech.

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