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Space Quest Chapter 0 for MS-DOS


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Hi everyone,


I am looking for a MS-DOS version of Space Quest  Chapter 0 - Replicated with Sierra's AGI interpreter instead of NAGI. To my knowledge earlier version before v1.04, the version I have, were originally made for MS-DOS. Google and the waybackmachine did not help in finding such an early version of the game.

Furthermore, I tried to run v1.04 with original Sierra AGI interpreters on original hardware and DosBox, but without success ("No memory. Want 14473, have 4263."). I tried different memory setting in DosBox with the same results.

My goal is to run this game on an IBM 5170 for the love of the old hardware. If it is not possible I will of course stick to the NAGI interpreter which works fin under win7.


Edit: I did sent the author of the game an email but haven't heard of him yet.

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According to the Slashdot announcement post it seems to have always been bundled with NAGI. I don't remember ever seeing a copy of SQ0 that wasn't.


I think part of the problem is that SQ0 wasn't written for anything like the IBM 5170, it was designed for an early 2000s computer using an old-style interpreter that was updated to be able to use more memory.

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It is common for fan made AGI games to need a more modern interpreter. When amatures create AGI pics they often result in a blown stack when using the original interpeter, which can be avoided by using one of the new interpreters. You can try to add the original interpreter files, but it often does not work. Replicated is on that it will not.

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Thanks for all the feedback.

In the mean time I have also tried the MEKA interpreter within Dosbox, but either alegro crashed (Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV) or the screen froze depending on the graphic adapter I selected in Dosbox configuration. That is Dosbox 0.60 with internal DPMI server and Dosbox 0.74 with CWSDPMI. Anyway, it was fun to give it a try even though it did not work afterall.

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I just saw there is at least one other alternative interpreter for DOS, namely AGIL. While I guess it is pointless I would like to try it nevertheless, but the download for the DOS version is not available any more.

If anyone has AGIL v0.15 (agilv015d.zip) or earlier for DOS please let me know.


The other interpreter that might have had a DOS release is Sarien. Any informations about this are appreciated.

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