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Roger is a murderer


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Most of the times he killed were pretty much accidental, unless he had to.

In SQ1, he wanted to save his home world from blowing up, and the Sariens had quite a bit of time to escape from the ship. If you count the Orat as a kill, maybe that's 1, unless you went with the Spider Droid choice. Total: 0 or 1 (depending on your decision).

In SQ2, he killed Vohaul to save his home world (again), and because Vohaul miniaturized him and was trying to punch him to death (I always thought he may have tried to subdue Vohaul by making him weaker but accidentally killed him because he couldn't turn the life support back on). It didn't even work anyways because Vohaul lived anyways, somehow. He did blow up the asteroid forteress, but only with a large escape time for all his inhabitants. Total: 0 or 1 (depending on if killing Vohaul was intentional).

In SQ3, he actually killed people by shooting the Skull Fighters of ScumSoft with the Aluminum Mallard. Although it wasn't exactly a choice since they were... you know... shooting at him first and chasing him in space. The amount of people he could've killed here is moderate, but I don't remember him blowing up more than 3-5 ships. Total: ­­~3-5.

In SQ4, he killed absolutely no one except maybe Vohaul. He didn't have to, by some miracle of being Roger Wilco. He never managed to harm the Sequel Police because he never had a viable way to fight them. Cybernetic computerized Vohaul was indeed destroyed, but maybe Vohaul lived anyway or had other copies (SQ: VSB, Incinerations). Total: 1.

In SQ5, he didn't directly kill anyone. He saved all of the people who were affected by the Primordial Soup outbreak, and Quirk was trying to destroy his ship. He did blow up his ship while Quirk was inside, but that was to stop him from then going to destroy the Goliath, where his entire crew fled. It was a survival response. Total: 1.

In SQ6, he gave fish to Sharpei. After Sharpei went inside the BRAIN of his friend he gave her fish. Does that count as a kill, or the luckiest defense ever? Total: 1.

In total, even with the grand maximum for all of these, he killed 10 people, and not a single time it wasn't to save himself or Xenon. So personally, I don't think Roger is a murderer in any way whatsoever. Not canonically, at least (in the fan games I know he did kill more people). I still find the idea of the good guy/bad guy thing interesting, it just doesn't feel like Roger to me.

EDIT: Out of all of these, the most "murderer" kill he has is Vohaul's death in SQ2. Removing someone's life support is dark. Maybe he should've given Vohaul fish too.

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