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  1. williamji

    Lolblatz: The hot new meme that's sweeping the Interwebs!

    Maybe I _like_ monochrome.
  2. williamji

    Tex Murphy

    Actually, I'm looking forward to more Tex stuff, I only played Mean Streets and enjoyed it a lot. So I've got plenty of catching up to do before Project Fedora comes out. Should be fun!
  3. williamji

    Tex Murphy

    Unacceptable!, I don't know how to filter my mail, so instead I demand the world conform to my view of e-mail volume. ;)
  4. williamji

    Tex Murphy

    I signed up to this a day ago and now I've received 3 updates in one day. Feels like spam.
  5. Just reread the thread and saw I'm not supposed to discuss the stories here, sorry.
  6. Those rockpapershotgun guys sure know how to suck the joy out of a great moment. Check out the comments too.
  7. williamji

    The Ballad of 218K

    I can thing of one person
  8. williamji

    WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!