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  1. Well Troels, I've now listened to all 4 podcasts, the first 3 in a row actually, and I have to say, good stuff. True I may have fallen asleep once or twice, or every couple of minutes, but whose counting. I think only one concussion resulted when my head hit the edge of a table after one nod-off, so that's not so bad, and the honeyed tones of your voice may have short circuited my Flaxion Inner Ear implant, but it was old and due for replacement, I hear fine out the other ear. I look forward to more my friend, please keep slogging through the muck and weilding that mop, because I suspect t
  2. Just an update, presently downloading the podcoast on Itunes. So the tests were Clear! Great. A good ole Vorakian Cleanse and you can pass any substance test. Well exept for the one that tests for cancer of the appendix, which it tends to cause, but who needs an Appendix! That's right, nobody!. Vonster D Monster
  3. Well, happy times with that. I shudder at the other 'samples' they might require. Look forward to getting access to the podcast though. May The Janitor Gods have some lowly shlub scrub the path clear for you. Vonster D Monster
  4. Troels, Is the podcast available on Itunes yet? How do I get it on my phone so I can listen to it? Vonster D Monster
  5. Hey CyricZ, we friggin' recognize you, and appreciate the darn effort. Good job. May the Janitor Gods take Roger out the bloomin dark again. He's due for another spin in the light. Vonster D Monster
  6. Well I finished SQ:VSB. And I started SQ:in. I am just blown away by the quality of these games. Its flippin' amazing. I have no idea how you guys pulled this stuff off, but it is truly astounding what you have produced. By the way mjomble I will check out the auditioning stuff. Not sure I'd be any good, never voiced anything other than the memos I recite to myself while I try to remember why the Vercotron looked the way it did. And nobody hears you talk to yourself in the void of space, so its all good. May the Janitor Gods have mercy on my sorry tail for not even coming close to th
  7. Thanks for that. Friggin' means a lot. May the Janitor Gods Steam, but not Starch, your shorts. Vonster D Monster
  8. By the way, I started playing Vohaul Strikes Back for the MAC, have Macs at home, and am really enjoying it so far. An impressive job I must say. Downloaded SQIn and the SQII remake as well, haven't tried them yet though. Obviously a lot of effort went into SQ:VSB, and in truth I feel very much like I am playing a new SQ game (new to me at least). That really is saying a lot for a fangame. Seems you guys really have left us old timers in the dust. May the Janitor Gods allow for even more adventures of my old friend Roger Wilco. Vonster D Monster
  9. I actually did experience Winnipeg in the summer. People dropping off from heat-stroke, and I remember Mosquitoes the size of Christmas hams. Just great! May the Janitor Gods introduce moderation to your corner of the galaxy. Vonster D Monster
  10. Didn't play that either. Came out December last year? I just peaked at the trailer, and it was great. Loved the style. Will defenately try the game. SQ2 is greatness after all. Here's a non-fun fact. I studied in Winnipeg many years ago. Got my little degree at University of Winnipeg. Now that's a darn cold place! Nice people, cold place. May the Janitor Gods throw you a cloth to wipe your crud. Vonster D Monster
  11. Thanks Jess. And its great to 'see' you too. You really stick with Roger don't you. SQ on the whole has been lucky to have guys and gals like you and all the others I've seen on these forums, who I remember well from the old site/s and forums. Vonster D Monster
  12. I am currently trying to find a good way to replay some SQ originals, or other Sierra stuff. Also want to try VSB and SQI, which amazingly I have not tried yet, try to leep your lasers holstered. My computer is a putts on crack, not sure what will work and what won't. Any receommends for running the old AGI games and fangames and VSB and Incinerations? Well recommendations that won't crash the bloody machine that is. I think its running Windows 7, I have so lost track of what is running on what. I feel like an Orat has laid an egg in my head and what was there, aint. Not good. Vonster D M
  13. What the heck was wrong with LSL2? Oh wait, so it had some issues maybe, but its been too long since I played that game so I should zip it. Loved the game though. I agree that Josh always seemed cool and fairly straight forward in the past, was willing to communicate with me around the time of SQ:TLC and was willing to help once upon a time too. And though never had any communication with Al, always loved his games. Vonster D Monster
  14. Well a hearty "thank you very much" to you. Glad you liked it. I of course have an unnatural love for the thing, but it really was done out of love for SQ, and my hope was to give other fans a little fun helping Roger through another adventure. Thanks again. May the Janitor Gods bleach your dark spots. Vonster D Monster
  15. Wow. A lot of folks from the past. That includes you BLusk, who I must also bow to. I hope Roger, Mark or Scott don't blow up any of your toilets at home. You my friend, are a bloomin' fan! Whoa. I am an old clunker, born back in the early 1970's on some long forgotten planet. I live over in the West Indies on planet Earth these days. I somehow managed to marry an actual female and have two boys, who bear no SQ names, for shame. I did plan to give my daughter a name connected to the games I loved so much, but I didn't have a daughter, so that plan got ejected out the ole space-poop-shoot.
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