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  1. That was a great teaser! I agree with the speed of the crawl, and also the D in "Replicated" somehow went missing on the lower-third title card. That minor nitpicking aside, I'm really looking forward to your reviews! Be sure to let us know when the first one's ready. :)


    Well some things never change right? I am still a typo machine lol

  2. Lunchbox, that's great news! Were you able to get SQ6 running on an iDevice? That's the one I'm having trouble with...I'd be very curious to know how you did it!


    I have a MacBook Pro which is fairly new to me...many, many years of PC clones and then Apple II/IIgs and (gasp) the Atari 800 before that, but, finally bit the bullet and got a Mac.


    It sounds like people have had success with Boxer installing the SQ Collection -- I'll have to try that instead of just trying SQ6 individually. I tried Crossover (failed miserably) and I'm familiar with Dosbox but haven't tried that yet.


    I can run SQ1-5 on the iDevice via ScummVM - works great!


    Now if only I figure out SQ6..,


    Thanks for any input, glad to be aboard...




    Sent you a PM with all the info :-)

  3. Its crazy to think how many friends I have exposed Space Quest to. I went back to school when I was about 25 (and got my degree) so many people I went to school with had been younger then me who had never even heard of the series. A few of them are now even looking forward to the SpaceVenture due to my constant talk about it. My older brother even "borrowed" my copies I bought a few years ago when rereleased (and I never saw them again). Space Quest seems to stay a hidden game in the world of gaming. But it does keep our community nice though.

  4. Its a difficult question to really answer but for me personally Space Quest was special for all the right reasons. I was a pretty goofy kid who was in love with Star Trek, Star Wars and pretty much anything sci-fi. I eventually grew up to be a goofy adult who is still in love with Star Trek, Star Wars and anything sci-fi. But Space Quest filled an amazing void in my childhood. Filled it with great laughs, great friends what else could I want out of a 20 year old game?

  5. September 12th...new iPhone...almost here!


    While I love my iPhone (I really do I use it for everything possible). With Apple I have come to skipping every other generation of devices. So I will end up with the next new iPad and the iPhone 6. I use my computers till they are dead though lol my iMac is a 2011 so I am not even thinking of upgrading it for a while.

  6. Hi there everybody,


    I originally ported these two games over to mac for everybody but this last weeks new updates my ports stopped working for me and I assume most other Mac users so I have updated the ports (confirmed working screenshots below) I wanted to say sorry it took me so long to see they stopped working though. I do this in my spare time so sometimes it takes a while. Either way I am uploading the new ports to rapidshare right now and will be updating this once they are completely uploaded.


    Space Quest VSB


    Space Quest Incinerations


    Edited: To put the links up enjoy everybody!

    Edit 2: Wow I am typo machine early in the morning sorry everybody



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