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  1. For my fellow mac users I uploaded a wineskin port so you all can enjoy it as well https://mega.co.nz/#!PgAiRTwB!AqA7MMh3nTmO25s9_DIY-9iXnnwUi9jJ0JsRBK1Q5gQ I have references that my upload isn't a scam if needed lol
  2. I don't come to the page for a month or so (due to work etc) and this is my reward for returning? Can't wait to try it when I get home!
  3. I would just love a pic of Roger standing with King Graham lol I am trying to design my next tattoo and I have decided I want it to be them
  4. Well some things never change right? I am still a typo machine lol
  5. Hi everybody! My friends and I are working on a Geek blog getting ready for relaunch. Well for my part on helping I am going to be doing video reviews of each Space Quest game (also replaying them :-)) and I put up this little teaser I really hope you all enjoy it!
  6. Just saw this on youtube and I have to say it made me think of Roger Wilco. I wonder if there is any influence.
  7. Sent you a PM with all the info :-)
  8. I am in Phoenix right now and I wouldn't miss this for the world!
  9. Personally I have been trying this out and I am using a program called Adrift. I paid for it years ago when I was trying to make my own SQ fangame. The old computer I was running on it is long gone so I I may need to start from scratch lol.
  10. Its crazy to think how many friends I have exposed Space Quest to. I went back to school when I was about 25 (and got my degree) so many people I went to school with had been younger then me who had never even heard of the series. A few of them are now even looking forward to the SpaceVenture due to my constant talk about it. My older brother even "borrowed" my copies I bought a few years ago when rereleased (and I never saw them again). Space Quest seems to stay a hidden game in the world of gaming. But it does keep our community nice though.
  11. I'm not going to lie I want this game more and more everyday.
  12. Its a difficult question to really answer but for me personally Space Quest was special for all the right reasons. I was a pretty goofy kid who was in love with Star Trek, Star Wars and pretty much anything sci-fi. I eventually grew up to be a goofy adult who is still in love with Star Trek, Star Wars and anything sci-fi. But Space Quest filled an amazing void in my childhood. Filled it with great laughs, great friends what else could I want out of a 20 year old game?
  13. Just wait its still in the planning then saving stage :-)
  14. Wow so many names from the past :-) Its great to see. Well I am Lunchbox (Brian) trying to be a filmmaker (still). I have been a Space Quest fan since as far back as I can remember. I am even planning to have Roger Wilco be part of my next tattoo. Either way its so great to see all of you back :-)
  15. times like this I wish I could draw - animate. I would love to do what you guys are doing. I am just glad I was able to help with the porting.
  16. While I love my iPhone (I really do I use it for everything possible). With Apple I have come to skipping every other generation of devices. So I will end up with the next new iPad and the iPhone 6. I use my computers till they are dead though lol my iMac is a 2011 so I am not even thinking of upgrading it for a while.
  17. Not going to lie I am impressed :-D Great job!
  18. Took me all night but I was able to get them all lol Only one I had issues with was Space Quest The Lost Chapter (with converting)
  19. Hi there everybody, I originally ported these two games over to mac for everybody but this last weeks new updates my ports stopped working for me and I assume most other Mac users so I have updated the ports (confirmed working screenshots below) I wanted to say sorry it took me so long to see they stopped working though. I do this in my spare time so sometimes it takes a while. Either way I am uploading the new ports to rapidshare right now and will be updating this once they are completely uploaded. Space Quest VSB Space Quest Incinerations Edited: To put the links up en
  20. I as well am really looking forward to it :-)
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