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  1. thanks for pointing the monetization out. I have it set up to automatically apply to my new videos and forgot to disable it on this one (though it won't matter so much since it's unlisted - i'll remove it anyway). and I'm totally with you on the music. Ken Allen did a magnificent job.
  2. OK, I went ahead and uploaded it. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qT9ilroiIeY&feature=youtu.be
  3. Sorry for the bump, but I managed to accidentally replicate this glitch on a playthrough tonight on my DOS PC. It happens when the Sequel Policeman shoots Roger at the same time as Roger is leaving the screen, causing the walk animation to become the death-by-shooting animation. I captured a video of it with my camera, would anyone be interested in a YouTube upload of it?
  4. I'm confused, unless the gist of this post is "don't let SQ7 (the fan-made one) die." Unfortunately, it seems pretty cold and dead by this point, despite the few people out there hoping for a revival.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's actually the second code you try that gets you to Estros. To quote the hintbook on this site: I'm in the timepod, but I can't get it started. Did I miss a set of keys somewhere? - Yeah, they're back in Space Quest III (just kidding): You need the U.I.V.P.P.P. (User Identity Verification Pirate Protection Program) code. - You have zee code, no? - You have zee documentation, no? - The U.I.V.P.P.P. is located in the Space Piston Magazine in the Timebuster 2000 SUX Road Test Article by Y. Hugh Iotta. - Don't forget to right down the current code! - If you have the CD-ROM version, enter any code code you want. The second time will get you doing.
  6. Nice two year bump. But I guess on a forum with this much activity, you can't complain too much about that, eh?
  7. Nice to see that this forum has some life left in it! SQ4 is probably my favorite game of the whole series, but for hardest I lend my vote to SQ2. I was stumped for months on "rub berries on self" - - so much so, that I finally had to break down and beg my parents to buy me the hintbook. I also hated the asteroid sequence, so that's yet another reason why 2 gets my vote. I can understand the points about needing to walk every square inch of the mall in SQ4 to find out what happens next, however I guess I spent so much time simply wandering around the mall to explore every little detail canceled this part out as a difficulty factor for me. I guess if you pirated the game, SQ6 would be next to impossible, considering you need to have the included PDF to figure out the logic with the Datacorder (but if you're going to take that route, then the copyright protection in SQ1VGA and SQ4 could easily apply as well).
  8. I was actually a beta tester for SQ 4.5, so I might have a beta version on my old hard drive. I'm not sure that I have a demo of it however. Would you like a copy of the beta for posterity's sake?
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