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  1. Quest for Glory 2 remains one of my favorite adventure games of all time. I never got around to playing QFG5. Maybe this is my chance. Jess (proud alumnus of the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School)
  2. I find it interesting that a decent chunk of the criticism on message forums and comment sections has focused on the Two Guys' promise to include SQ-style death sequences in the game. I get the impression that, for a lot of younger gamers, deaths are essentially "what's wrong" with old school adventure games -- especially Sierra games. Somewhere along the way, the LucasArts model seems to have prevailed, making games that feature character deaths seem "behind the times" or "unfair" in some sense. In many ways, the Space Quest series' emphasis on gruesomely hilarious (or hilariously gruesom
  3. Just an update...the Kickstarter has now passed the $100,000 mark (with nearly 2,000 backers). Wowzers. Jess
  4. You beat me to the punch on tipping off Joystiq about the new project a few weeks ago, so now we're even. :P Jess
  5. The Kickstarter just hit Joystiq! Hopefully, other news outlets will pick it up from here and drive more potential backers to the site. Jess
  6. I'm really digging everything you've posted so far. Keep up thte great work! Jess
  7. Pledged! There are lots of exciting details on the Kickstarter page (iPad version, voice cast, et cetera). I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about in the days and weeks ahead. Jess
  8. I was about to post a similar topic myself. I'd personally love to see the SPACEVENTURE available for iOS. If that's not an option for the entire game, perhaps developing one of the arcade sequences (I'm assuming there will be arcade sequences) as a standalone mobile app would be a great way to promote the game. I also wonder if they've considered XBox LIVE. I'm guessing we'll know more about the platforms under consideration when the Kickstarter eventually launches. Jess
  9. He speaks ill of the Colonel's Bequest. Shun! Shun! ;) The only arcade sequences from the Space Quest series that I really loved were Astro Chicken and the "escaping Pestulon" dogfight. In all fairness, though, both are from SQ3, and I'm completely biased in favor of all things SQ3. The "Angry Astro Chickens" idea upthread is pure genius. I'd love to see the Two Guys incorporate something like that into the SPACEVENTURE. Jess
  10. With the Two Guys' Kickstarter on its way in the near future, I thought this video raises some excellent points about the creative advantages of the crowdfunding model over traditional video game publishing routes. Extra Credits, Season 4, Episode 10: Crowdfunding Just food for thought... Jess
  11. In the midst of an overwhelmingly positive outpouring of support for classic adventure games, the revival of long-dormant fan communities, and the return of beloved creators to the limelight, it's really a shame to see that kind of negativity directed toward the Two Guys for a decision that was entirely their own to make. Jess
  12. You sounded like a pro -- not nervous at all. Jess
  13. Allow me to take this opportunity to retroactively award Season 5 to Jacob (The Man in Black) and Season 6 to Jack (The Man Who Frequently Cries). Jess
  14. Great first episode! I'm looking forward to more... Jess
  15. I just finished Mass Effect 3, and now I'm trying to decide between Kingdoms of Amalur and The Witcher 2. I'm not sure when it happened, but I've become a total RPG fanboy. Jess
  16. Datadog was declared Pope? Congrats! :wink: Seriously, though, I'm excited about the idea of a podcast. I wonder if they're thinking only in terms of news about the upcoming SPACEVENTURE, or if they'll delve back into the Space Quest days as well.
  17. I have my fingers crossed for some kind of hybrid tower defense/cover-based shooter gameplay in the new Two Guys project. :wink: Jess
  18. Ideally, I'd like to switch over the entire site to some sort of content-management software (Wordpress?), and have easy blog-style updating (with multiple authors?) for the latest news. It turns out, however, that my HTML and design skills have suffered serious atrophy in the past few years. You should have seen me struggling this morning to recall how to add a title to webpage. That said, there's a splash page at the Broomcloset (so 1997!) announcing the big news. I hope to follow up with something more substantial (and more stylish) soon. In the meantime, the next round of Andromedan ale
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