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  1. https://p.twimg.com/AvEA3AjCEAAL0p-.gif:large And with that, ladies and gentlemen, my lolblatz career is at an end. It was fun while it lasted. All ten hours of it. Jess
  2. Who says that a lolblatz must necessarily star Fester? https://p.twimg.com/AvCacqHCEAIhZ8-.gif:large Jess
  3. Just something ridiculous that struck me last night... https://p.twimg.com/Au_T2EBCQAMlvvw.gif:large https://p.twimg.com/AvB7yKZCIAAuGEu.gif:large Search for Fester Blatz on Google Images and create your own! Jess
  4. It looks like YouTube chose to feature my feed exclusively for the first several minutes before finally starting to show everyone else. Not sure what's up with that, but my apologies! Jess
  5. You can access the live YouTube stream below once the Hangout is underway (roughly 2:00PM Eastern/11:00AM Pacific). [media=] [/media] Jess
  6. We'll archive it on YouTube in case you want to subject yourself to it at a later date. :) Jess
  7. The redwood building in 2003: With bonus "Talking Bear" interaction! Jess
  8. Hey, gang! Just a reminder that the Second Superfan Hangout is today -- Saturday, June 9th -- at 2:00 PM Eastern/11:00 AM Pacific. We'll be playing Space Quest fan games this time, with several fan game designers on hand to discuss their work. Rumor has it that we might even have a super-secret surprise guest join in on the fun. As always, we're there to get the word out about the Two Guys' SpaceVenture. If we happen to have a few laughs in the process, all the better. :) More details are here; we'll get a link to the live YouTube stream up as soon as it's running. UPDATE:
  9. http://www.wingdamage.com/space-quest-memories/
  10. http://techzwn.com/2012/06/space-quest-fans-create-retro-adventure-supporting-spaceventure/
  11. Yep, it was a bullet point in one of the updates that went out yesterday. The Two Guys were also kind enough to tweet about it and add it to their Facebook page. Jess
  12. http://www.sidequesting.com/2012/06/random-battle-two-guys-from-andromeda-interview/
  13. http://indiegames.com/2012/06/freeware_game_pick_pledge_ques.html
  14. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying Pledge Quest! Spread the word, and let's get this SpaceVenture funded! Jess
  15. Yep, I think making the "X" red would help clear it up a bit. I love how great the closing scene turned out, by the way. The music and graphics really capture the perfect mood. Jess
  16. I'm pretty sure that pcj finished SQ2 in less time than it took me to complete the Fun-Seeker's Guide. Jess
  17. Those are awesome, Akril! Very close to what I had envisioned for "Bea's" apartment. :) Jess
  18. Thanks for the kind words on the rough design, folks -- and the suggested improvements! As I said, if there are people willing to take a shot at the technical end (i.e. "the hard part"), I'll provide whatever writing I can (i.e. "the easy part"). Jess
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