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  1. As long as I have a few days' notice, I should be able to make it to the Pledge Quest commentary whenever. I can probably even coax my daughter Bea to make a cameo while we're talking about Pledge Quest's Bea. ;) Jess
  2. I already mentioned this on Twitter, but count me in (as always) to blather on about Pledge Quest. Jess
  3. I hereby nominate pcj for Best Intra-Community Awards Suggestion! ;) Jess
  4. Good point. The fact that Incinerations didn't at least win Best Animation is a perfect example of the drawbacks of using a popular vote for this kind of award. It's simply too difficult for a "smaller" game -- even one that may be creatively, artistically, or technically superior -- to compete with a massively successful commercial title. Yes, Space Quest fan games are a relatively small niche in the overall AGS community (one that may never appeal to many players), but it's a shame to see outstanding work overlooked. There's a reason why we tend to place more stock in the Oscars (decide
  5. Only 24 hours left to vote in the AGS Awards. Let's help Space Quest: Incinerations, Space Quest 2 VGA, and Pledge Quest II bring home a few virtual trophies! Jess
  6. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the games, Ascii! They were a blast to work on. I'd like to see more out of Roger, too. Design-wise, I'm not clever enough to think of something as cool as the Fate of Atlantis-style sidekick mechanism, but if there's ever another installment in the Pledge Quest series, it would be fun getting Roger a bit more involved. I'm 100% to blame for the title. We established the noodle shop at the end of PQ1, and I couldn't resist the corny Little Shop of Horrors wordplay. I briefly considered "Vohaul the Cat's Revenge" (hence the alternate title), but I wanted
  7. Voting is now open! Go and show your support for all your Space Quest/AGS favorites (Incinerations, SQ2VGA, Pledge Quest II) here: 2012 AGS Awards Voting! Jess P.S. In Vohaul the Cat's alternate timeline, a game titled "Cat Quest: Purrforations" (designed by a fan named Datacat) is up for 13 AGS Awards.
  8. Thanks to everyone who nominated Pledge Quest. And congratulations to all the SQ-related projects up for consideration! Jess
  9. Much to my dismay, it turns out that Saturday won't work for me this time around. Have fun with the Hangout, y'all! I'll definitely watch the proceedings on YouTube afterwards. Jess
  10. This Saturday isn't great for me, but I can try to make it. Next Saturday might be a little easier. That said, I don't want to be the one holding up the proceedings. Jess
  11. My short list would include Colonel's Bequest/Dagger of Amon Ra, Quest for Glory, and Freddy Pharkas. Jess
  12. Count me in for a non-SQ Sierra Hangout. Should we all choose a game or series we want to talk about? Then share gameplay footage and discuss? Jess
  13. In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I made a case for Pledge Quest II in the "For Your Consideration..." thread at the AGS forums. I suggested three possible categories: Best Short Game, Best Animation, and Best Non-Player Character (Vohaul the Cat). Any votes to help get the game nominated are greatly appreciated. :) I hope to see lots of Space Quest games in the final running. Jess
  14. I might be an hour late, but I'll try my best to be there (assuming spots are still open at that point). Jess
  15. Thanks for plugging Pledge Quest, Chris! If anyone feels inclined to nominate, Pledge Quest II seems like a good fit for the "Short Game" category. I'd like to see Vohaul the Cat make an appearance in the Best Non-Player Character category, but as an evil time-traveling cat aficionado, I'm unfairly biased in his favor. Jess
  16. Is it SQ music only, or Sierra music in general? The idea of a DJ handling all the sound cues might make things run more smoothly. Maybe I'll try to make it after all... Jess
  17. I love the Quest for Glory series. In fact, I'd place Quest for Glory I and II alongside Space Quest III as my favorite Sierra games ever. For what it's worth, I'm also an avid RPG player -- whether the setting is fantasy, sci-fi, or whatever. That said, I haven't backed Hero-U (at least not yet). Why not? Honestly, the bits of gameplay that I've seen in the project videos just haven't "grabbed" me yet. The tile-based art feels like a step backwards from the Quest for Glory series, and the whole look-and-feel reminds me a bit too much of a browser-based Facebook game.* Granted, we've seen
  18. I'd forgive Activision for everything if they released iPad ports of the Space Quest series. Or, better still, turned over the rights to Guys from Andromeda LLC so they could do it. Jess
  19. After a far-too-long delay on my part, full credits and track listings are finally available at PledgeQuest.Net: http://www.pledgeque...et/credits.html Jess
  20. Los Angeles to Oakhurst? Land in New York instead! It's a cheaper flight, and you'll have more time to get to know one another during the cross-country drive. ;) Jess
  21. I love the Cat Quest V: Apocalypse Meow poster! (This is the first time I've seen it outside of the game.) Now that I think about it, the existence of Cat Quest V suggests that the Cat Quest series was popular enough in the alternate timeline to spawn at least four sequels. In turn, I wonder if a CatVenture Kickstarter also exists in the alternate timeline. If so, did Bea's actions in Pledge Quest II cause the CatVenture Kickstarter to fail? How do we know that Timeline A (the SpaceVenture timeline) is the real timeline, and not Timeline B (the CatVenture timeline). My head hurts.
  22. I'd love to hear how Chris would approach the Kickstarter campaign if he had it all to do over again. What were the most important lessons he learned along the way? Jess
  23. Any word yet on an approximate time of day for Saturday's Hangout? Jess
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