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  1. Not sure if it will help much at this stage, but here's the rough design document I wrote up a few days back. The problem, of course, is that my design is such that it's almost impossible to draw on any existing art resources -- not entirely smart on my part, but it's my first crack at this sort of thing. If anyone can salvage puzzles/concepts/whatever from that document, feel free. Time is running out, but if I can help with any of the writing along the way, I will. Jess
  2. Yep, I lost all focus on the games too after Scott showed up. That was when I shifted into total fanboy mode. ;) Jess
  3. Hey gang! You may have seen this already on the front page, but -- just in case -- I wanted to invited everyone to join us tonight (Friday, June 1) at 8:00 PM Eastern time for the Space Quest Superfan Hangout. Basically, a group of diehard Space Quest fans are getting together to play our favorite games from the series and stream the results live. The goal? Rally support for the SpaceVenture, of course! More details are available here, with the highlights copied and pasted below. The link for the live stream is on its way. Won't you join us tonight? And spread the word?
  4. The plan at this stage is to move ahead with AGS. My feeling is that we have more folks who have experience working with that engine. If we're going to make this happen, what we need -- and need fast -- are people who will step up and volunteer to generate the art and do the scripting. Specifically, these hypothetical individuals should have experience working with AGS and plenty of free time on their hands over the next five days or so. If we can't nail it down soon, I think our window will close. Jess
  5. I have a design document written (rough, but I think it covers most of what the promo "needs" to happen, as far as puzzles, items, and so forth). Let's do AGS. That seems to be where the talent lies. Graphics? Sound? Programming? I figure we get the graphics and puzzles nailed down, then I can go back and write click events, descriptions, and so forth like a madman. Then again, I've never done this before. Is that a reasonable way to proceed? Jess
  6. pcj is right, as usual. Without the team in place to carry out the plan, all the executive decision-making in the world isn't going to make this happen. Especially not in a week's time. Who came up with this half-baked idea in the first place? Jess
  8. Are we too late to pull something like this together -- whether it's using AGI, AGS, or something else -- with only two weeks to go in the Kickstarter? I approached a SQ fan with quite a bit of AGi experience a little over a week ago, but he couldn't fit it into his schedule on such short notice. Again, it was just a crazy idea that popped into my head. Who knows if it would even generate interest in the project or bring any new backers to it. After all, if it's only going to reach people who've already pledged, it doesn't make much sense to devote a lot of time to developing it. Jess
  9. Hey, gang! I've had an idea kicking around for the last few days, so I thought I'd throw it out there for the community to digest. Inspired by the guy who created a short LucasArts-style adventure as a job application for Double Fine, I thought it might be a fun idea to create a one-room AGI adventure to promote the SpaceVenture Kickstarter. My concept was a short adventure featuring a Space Quest fan completing a couple of puzzles (finding his/her wallet, accessing his/her computer, etc.) that culminate in the character pledging to the campaign. Of course, the whole thing would end
  10. These are incredible! Great work! Any chance we could see the Hero from Quest for Glory? Jess
  11. Not the most positive spin on the project there. :unsure: Jess
  12. Any big news from the chat? I wanted to join in, but I only had an iPad (without Flash) handy. Jess
  13. A "voice parser" (using Siri or similar technology) sounds fascinating. It would certainly break new ground for the adventure genre. Jess
  14. I could be convinced to participate. :) Jess
  15. Were we really teenagers when this whole Wilco World Wide Web thing started? Time flies when you're debating why a main character's hair changed colors between sequels... Best of luck with the marathon! It's been ages since I've actually sat down and played the Space Quest games. Maybe I'll have to give them another spin sometime soon and rekindle those memories. Jess
  16. I think this is probably one of the biggest problems we're facing right now. The gaming sites covered Double Fine like crazy -- and rightfully so. There was perhaps slightly less coverage for the Leisure Suit Larry Kickstarter, but it was still out there (including a two-part profile by Forbes). Along the way, the media has already presented two dominant Kickstarter narratives: 1) "Wow! This Kickstarter thing is for real! Look at how much money DFA raised!" 2) "Hey, remember Leisure Suit Larry? Kickstarter can bring old classics back from the dead!" Since the Two Guys' Kickstarter
  17. Thanks for that link, pcj. If anyone else enjoys obsessively tracking these things, you can follow along at Kicktraq's page for the SpaceVenture. Jess
  18. Holy monkey bladders! I had no idea AGD did a KQ3 remake. How did I miss that? KQ3 is the only King's Quest game that I really loved growing up. That said, I still have the occasional stress-induced nightmare that Manannan is going to show up and kill me before I can stash away some spell component. Downloading...downloading...downloading... Jess
  19. I'm definitely drawn to the Space Quest games' sense of humor, but I also like the whole "reluctant hero" aspect of the story. Roger is just an ordinary guy -- arguably the most ordinary guy imaginable -- who gets thrust into extraordinary circumstances just by slacking off on the job at a very opportune moment. From there, he's on a wild ride to heroism, often at the mercy of forces beyond his control. I know it sounds corny, but those kinds of stories have always been a bit inspirational to me. I'd like to think that, under the right circumstances, I could rise to the occasion and do so
  20. My contribution... http://youtu.be/8Jh3gYci8G0 Jess
  21. I wonder if MicroProse intentionally set out to make a game "inspired" by the Space Quest series, or if the similarities are primarily a result of the shared genre of sci-fi comedy adventure. At least we can rest assured that Space Quest is the only adventure game starring a space janitor. Jess
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