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  1. Ooh, yeah. Doing his dramatic voice! (See: Nibbler) Maurice LeMarsh would rock for the same reasons.
  2. Oh! And Kevin Murphy of MST3K fame (And he did voiceover for the new Tex Murphy) has the right kind of chops for it.
  3. I came here to suggest George Lowe and blow people's minds, but now I guess I'll just jump on that bandwagon.
  4. A wonderful way to get your daily dose of Vitamin P!
  5. So should I have been granted access to the backers' site yet? Not complaining. Just want to make sure I'm on the list.
  6. While we're on the subject of stretch goals, if anyone reading this has any control over the guysfromandromeda.com site, could they take the question mark out of "WAIT! WE’RE NOT DONE YET PEOPLE?!" I know there couldn't be a less important quibble, but it's an exclamation, not a question and it's driving me bananas. :^)
  7. Would it be too complicated to have some "Already Pledged" tiers? They could have little goodies and incentives for those who already pledged, but wouldn't include copies of the game.
  8. I"m not sure if I want product placement scattered prominently in the Spaceventure....Your heart's in the right place, but I think it could drive potential players away...
  9. Hi there! Long time listener, first time caller. First let me say I'm psyched for this game! I have nothing but the highest hopes. There have been some exciting announcements for Adventure Gamers lately, but this one has me the most excited. Space Quest was a huge part of my childhood. So I tried the Prototype, and I know it doesn't represent the game since it's a prototype and all, but this is what the feedback is supposed to be for. I'd just like to make it really clear that I hope this isn't going to be a single-click type adventure game. Parser would rock, of course, but I realize it might make the game a hard-sell for some amateur adventurers. I like Single-Click adventure games (Machinarium rocks) but I don't think it fits well with the Two Guys' humor. I want a variety of commands to use on any object I want. That was part of the fun of the old Space Quest games was trying to find little easter eggs by using the wrong command on the wrong object. Hidden humor is the best humor, and that would be lost if all we had to do was click everywhere to find it. Anyway, like I said, this IS a prototype and I'm sure it was just intended as kind of a proof of concept. I expect the finished game will be more complex. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents into this project. (And when I get my paycheck, I'll be throwing in my $100...)
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