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  1. It's been over a month and I have received no emails from Chris Pope concerning my GOG credits. What's the deal? :( I'd rather just forgo my GOG credits and opt for the commentary access at this point.
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted here, but I thought this was awesome: The Two Guys are sent on a rescue mission to save Roger from the clutches of Activision. Edit: Oops, Just found out this was already posted (by the creator) here: http://www.spacequest.net/index.php/topic/564-free-wilco/ Sorry!
  3. While we are reporting problems, I still haven't received my GOG credits. I emailed PCJ 4 days ago but no response :( I too never received a confirmation email for my GOG credits.
  4. mmmmmm exclusive backer content..... *homer simpson drool*
  5. How will they know where to ship it? I'm assuming it will use the shipping address associated with the credit card I used on Amazon?
  6. I bet there will be someone who resembles roger very much in a cameo role. they aren't able to use the name, though.
  7. these are hilarious. especially the "Prototype 3 wont run on my 286?!" one... really funny stuff. great way to poke fun at that whole silly situation
  8. lol. stay kind people he's obviously young lmao at annoying uncessesary crossed out text
  9. It was amazing!!!! Incredibly detailed for such a short amount of development time. Good job, folks. Thrilled that I could sniff/taste everything too. Some very funny stuff hidden in there. Great references to the series. Be sure to post it on any forum you belong to that has a thread about spaceventure. List of spaceventure threads HERE.
  10. Well I certainly didn't plan on it, but once i started I couldn't stop! especially when scott showed up. I was glued to my monitor, hehe. I lost as much sleep as you guys i think. Ah, thanks!
  11. haha, dunno how i missed it, but it's hilarious that you included al gore as a statue
  12. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=14952694#post14952694
  13. Absolutely Genius. now THIS is viral marketting!!!
  14. as silly as it might sound, since none of you have ever met me, i feel a special connection to some of you guys from this superfan event. after hearing you guys talk for four hours, you all feel like my space quest brothers from another mother! Thank you for representing the fandom so well! Troels and Frede, knowing how dedicated you have been over the decades (!) it was really heartwarming to see! You might feel like you spoke too much or whatever, but you guys are entertaining and funny and really kept the energy high. Especially seeing Troels progressively get drunker and drunker and l
  15. As an observer watching the recorded stream, i have to admit i was a little worried that when scott showed up it would turn into fanboy gushing and he would end up regretting it, but much to my satisfaction you guys were all super chill and scott really seemed to genuinely enjoy it. Seemed like he had just as much fun as you guys, if not more, and he seemed really touched by it all. and that was really cool to see. Really awesome stuff. Cool night in space quest history edit - i could see something like this going viral and when people see how fuckin' cool scott is it could really help
  16. When we were at 218k I was ready to accept this as a failure. It seemed hopeless to me at the time. Today, I would bet money on this thing succeeding. There's potentially hundreds of thousands of spacequest fans who aren't even aware of this, and we just need to reach a tiny portion. With all the news ramping up, I think this will be a success. The fact that the kickstarter experimental build has our high estimate at 10k above 500k, and the fact that this is from the makers of SPACE QUEST, not some random kickstarter project (it doesn't factor in brand popularity), I think shows that i
  17. Front page mention on International House of Mojo: http://mixnmojo.com/
  18. we don't need a "miracle"... thats dramatic. we just need to keep this momentum going. favorite pic of the day: http://www.kicktraq....ue/exp-cone.png
  19. http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=11461&sid=3022a66b43b87006088664a8e145e72e
  20. sounds like day of the tentacle (future segment with laverne where you have to trick the cat into painting itself with white paint so it looks like a skunk to scare prisoners)
  21. More realistically, it'll come out at around 310-315k by the time they realize they hit 300k but yeah, the requirement is 300k, so once that happens, be on the lookout!
  22. I'm sorry if there's already a thread for this, but I didn't think "press" or "rumors" included other forum threads, so I made this a topic on its own. Feel free to merge it if you feel necessary! http://arstechnica.c...?f=22&t=1171961 http://forums.penny-...omment/23202475 http://forums.atomic....0&gopid=999554 http://www.gamespot....ct-spaceventure http://www.gamingonl...aceventure.878/ http://ubuntuforums....d.php?t=1983837 http://forums.whirlp...s.cfm?t=1922858 http://www.adventure...?topic=45781.20 http://www.adventure.../viewthread/24/
  23. Also might not be a bad idea to call on our old friends from Project Fedora for a little help, I'm sure they wouldn't mind upvoting the slashdot article :)
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