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Podcast Episode 3 – Guest Host: Ken Allen

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I love hearing all these little unknown insider thingies. I'd love to see someone give Sierra the same kind of thorough treatment Brian Bagnall gave Commodore.

Btw, at one point Ken says something in passing about working on Chronostar, a sequel to Star Control, or something like that.... did I mishear or what was that all about? Is that what become SC3, is it something else, or am I just hallucinating (or whatever the aural equivalent of hallucinating is)?

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The game's correct title is Protostar. I may have mumbled in that part of the podcast. And I did misspeak. It was supposed to be a sequel to Starflight 3. See the Wikipedia article on Starflight 2 for confirmation.


The producer at EA assigned to Starflight 3 didn't believe in our team and recommended to the EA honchos to terminate the deal.


Tsunami went with Time Warner Interactive Group (or TWIG as we referred to them). TWIG was a new player in the computer game space and their marketing kinda reflected theat. They were not very effective in selling Protostar, which is a shame because I think Protostar was the best game released under the Tsunami label.


Ken "Your Music Pal" Allen

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