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SQ5 Beta?

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Yeah, the SQ5 beta was even the first version of the game I played. When the 2006 Collection came ouy and it suddenly became feasible for me to buy the retail version, I had a hard time getting used to the different "Captain's Log" in the intro and James T. Quirk being called Raems T. Quirk.

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Very, Very intriguing...I wonder if swearing an oath to secrecy, as well as having a dedicated record of superimposing a twinkie on my nose will convince said forum user to contact me...via pm if anything....*watches and waits*


Someone on this message forum has a copy. :ph34r:


Edit: Not me, I mean. But someone did bring up something in a previous topic about the SQ4 beta having an alternate ending. The only way they could know that...


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