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Compiled list of Sci-fi/Gaming/Nerdy personalities to Mass tweet

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Okay; I was thinking we should take this mass tweeting of relevant people to the next level so here I'll start a list of famous sci-fi/gaming/nerdy personalities to organize a bigger mass tweeting in the next few days:


*Note: please feel free to add to this list as I'm just starting it off*


Neil Patrick Harris

Olivia Munn

Joss Whedon

Carrie Fischer

Levar Burton

Brent Spiner

Nathan Fillian

William Shatner

Seth Green

The other creator of Robot Chicken

Seth Mcfharlan

Pendleton Ward (adventure time)

Craig McCracken & his wife Lauren Faus:t (powerpuff girls & My little Pony Friendship is magic)

Billie Piper &

David Tennant:

Doctor Who (2006)

Jason Jones: Co-founder of Bungie studios

Alex Seropian: see above


That's all I have for now. PLEASE add to the list if you can think of any other pertinent people!

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The key to getting tweeted about is finding the people who stand to gain from their association with the Two Guys. There was some guy with 15k followers who tweeted easily - turns out he's a voice actor who wouldn't mind working on SpaceVenture.


Try focusing down a tier from the Hollywood stars and find people with whom you can "trade" the tweet for something else.

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I don't know if you are a fan of spam, but I'm not. I don't think a lot of other people are either. Spamming a bunch of celebrities probably wouldn't work too well. In fact, it would probably make them hate the Two Guys. I could be wrong though. If they tweet about all of these dumb-butts spamming them, it might actually help. No publicity is bad publicity.


That's assuming that they tweet about it at all. They probably get thousands of tweets a day so it might not be anything to them.

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