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Ken Allen Interviewed at 1UP


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I thought that I already had a Janitorial Times account, but it would not recognize either of my e-mail addresses, so I decided to simply create a new one.


I've been lurking for a long time, popping in and out of the community. When I have been around, I've mostly been writing articles about Space Quest and SpaceVenture (and throwing money at SpaceVenture). Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Ken Allen about Space Quest IV, his new album and SpaceVenture. It was a real treat. He shared some stories about SQ4 that I had never heard before (or just didn't remember).


For anyone interested in that interview, it can be found here: http://www.1up.com/d...try?bId=9117876 (be sure to comment or upvote for more front page attention)


EDIT: With 1UP's pending closure, I cannot guarantee that the above link will last, so you may also find the interview on my personal blog: http://thegrigpost.blogspot.com/2013/02/interview-with-ken-allen.html

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I've pledged $50 so far. Looking at the reward tiers, I'm halfway tempted to upgrade to $125 for the vinyl edition, but I've already donated so much to SpaceVenture. I wish Ken all the best, though. In my opinion, he was the greatest composer to ever grace Sierra On-Line.


A friend of mine thought that I gave $2.50 to SpaceVenture when I first told him about it. Nope, that decimal point's two places to the right.

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Pledged $30 myself, but I'm also very tempted to go for the vinyl. Might be easier for me to justify spending that amount of money if I do it near the end of the campaign, or when it reaches the first stretch goal.


But yeah, if we really do get to perform on Space Questin', I so want to have that performance on an actual record!

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