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Blue frogs in the Time Pod NEW : Now (maybe) solved!


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So, that line on the Xenon streets is triggered by interacting with the gear and the gear flap on the Sequel Police ship (they both give the same message). However, I can't figure out exactly how to trigger it. It's under specific circumstances but I'm not sure what they are because the code is so obfuscated. There's a code block that checks something between two values and if their bits don't both equal 1 then Roger gets into the ship. But I have no idea what it's comparing. It's obviously some simple method of obtaining a certain result, I just have no idea what it is.

return & global114[(/ param1 16)] (>> $8000 (% param1 16))

"global114" is some global variable that is used in a couple other areas of the main script, but I can't decode what it's supposed to represent. But the line is clearly triggered (from what I can tell) by trying to use the gear or the flap while something else is or isn't going on...


EDIT: Ok, so it's not that. Ignore that mess. All it does it check if there's a script running on the gear or the gear flap of the ship and if there isn't Roger gets in. But it doesn't seem like it's possible to run a script on either of those props. Troflip on the SCI boards suggested it might just have been defensive coding just in case it might have happened somehow...but it doesn't seem to be possible. Another oddity.

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And just like our other blue amphibian oddity, a line was recorded even though presumably it was not needed. Maybe Roger strains himself when attempting to get into the aircraft, and the narrator comments on this? Who knows?


I think we're the ones starting to show our age here. :wacko:

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Oh, to answer your question regarding the Holy Grail reference in Longbow, it's something involving the tapestry, but I don't know what exactly. These four messages are triggered in the room somehow:


 "Look, it's Camelot."

"Oh, let's not go there, it's such a silly place."

"Well, it's only a model."

"Who said that? You're not even in this tapestry!" -- presumably either Robin Hood or the Abbot?

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