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Broken Age


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You know, I'm kinda happy that Grim Fandango is just a simple remaster and not some HD Director's Cut type thing, like the Broken Sword games. But I would also have settled with the original being made available.


That said, I hope they plan to fix the now infamous bug that reportedly blocked the player from some important plot information.

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I'm rather wary of this whole early access system. Even if the developers choose not to abandon their game halfway through, I'm deeply opposed to the whole idea of "Hey, let's not only make our customers betatest our game for free, let's make them fucking PAY for it!" But like you said, there's devs out there that at least try to not abuse their customers with it.


Then there's Double Fine... The only decent thing they could have done is to pull the game, apologise and have the common courtesy to offer refunds to customers who bought the thing hoping that it might become a finished game some day. Instead, they still bloody try to ENTICE you to buy it!

That's a really important point. The good developers acknowledge that early access is a way of getting in some cash and testing out the game on a massive open beta. KSP is the perfect example of that, where they regularly acknowledge how important their modders and customers are. They know what they've done, and know that the customers know that they know that they know what they've done.


Done properly, I think it's a good model, actually. But both customers and devs need to be open with each other and acknowledge what they're doing.


But as you say, continuing to pimp out DF-9 is basically dishonest. I don't expect my money back - caveat emptor, mother fucker. But at least have the minimum amount of basic shame that you should have after that kind of fuck up.

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There must be something about Space Quest that attracts equally demented minds... at least as far as musical taste is concerned.

"Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded" looks like a real remastered version in the same way Frank Zappa's early CD releases sound like real remastered versions.

Zappa - The original George Lucas! Back in the early 2000s, after „The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" and „Sheik Yerbouti" got me hooked, I had the utterly retarded idea to collect this guy‘s entire discography. I musta had money to burn at the time and I managed to build quite a sizeable collection. My local public library had a bunch of Zappa CDs, which were older issues than the ones I had. First thing I noticed was that the reissue of „The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" was missing a track, „We‘re Only In It For The Money“ sounded completely different from the version I got*. Things got even more fun once I got my hand on a few old vinyls - the version of „I‘m So Cute“ on vinyl runs much longer than the CD version, which basically cuts off mid-song.

*Side note: The dreaded 80s CD re-issues of early Zappa albums do have their interesting aspects, such as a few uncensored lyrics.

So, thanks for the link I guess! Can‘t wait to find out in which ways the versions I got are inferior to previous releases! :P

On another side note: Fuck Zappa‘s widow for being an impossible cunt!

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"Sheik Yerbouti" got me hooked, I had the utterly retarded idea to collect this guy‘s entire discography.


I did pretty much the exact same thing - started with that album, then began getting the rest...

though I soon realized I'm more of a Captain Beefheart kinda guy, and his discography is easier to collect.

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Zappa was indeed the original George Lucas. Letting that man near digital equipment as he was getting ill with cancer should've been a goddamn felony.


I could never get into Sheik Yerbouti before I went out and bought the vinyl, which sounds amazing. Now it's one of my favourite albums of his, even though I think much of the humour of You Are What You Is is funnier and more clever.


The launch of the Universal 2012 reissues was such a blessing. I remember finding Hot Rats on Spotify and nearly getting a seizure when I heard the drum intro for Peaches En Regalia. I hadn't listened much to the vinyl mix, but I knew what I was hearing. It sucks that Cruising With Ruben & the Jets, Uncle Meat, the remix of Cheepnis, Zappa In New York and The Man from Utopia are all stuck with digitalitis, though.


Maybe we should start a Zappa thread before I start gushing over the 1973-1974 band ;)

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