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SpaceVenture poster contest?


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I was recently looking at some cool parody adventure game-related art like this:



I think it would be cool if, in the future, there were a SpaceVenture poster contest. I have no idea what the prize could be, but it could be something as simple as being featured on the website. I know that the Two Guys have a lot more important things to think about now, but maybe something like this could be fun when the release is nearer. There are a lot of talented artists in the adventure game fan community.

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That wasn't created by fans, IIRC. That was official LucasArts promo material. From a magazine, I believe.


An art contest sounds sweet, though. Akril would obviously win. Why don't we just dispense with the formalities and give her the prize right now? (that doesn't mean you get out of actually making the artwork, Akril)

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