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  1. That was good fun, I'm really enjoying these little Pledge Quest games. Great work guys! :)
  2. Initially I had scoffed at the idea of a stretch goal to make an EGA version of the game, but seeing those images in the OP just goes to show that there's still a real charm to that art style. Great work Mrtnkl.
  3. On July 6th there was a SpaceVenture update about a new backers website, and it said that e-mails containing log-in details would be going out shortly after. I'm wondering if anyone else still hasn't got theirs, because it's nearly 2 months later now and I'm left wondering what happened to mine. :( I tried going to svrewards.com/ and doing the whole "forgotten password" thing, but still no e-mail came through, so I'm not sure what's going on. Edit: a new password eventually showed in my e-mail, it just took a few hours to do so.
  4. Whatever happens with selling off the stock I really can't see the management changing, i.e. Robert Kotick. He's been running Activision in some form for years, and is going to be the main obstacle to any change, or licencing of IP.
  5. Woohoo! 20 hours to spare as well. :)
  6. I don't think Paul Trowe really understands business (surprise, surprise) if he thinks a development studio subsidiary is going to have any control over the intellectual property owned by the parent company, Activision. Activision already owns another studio in the UK, FreeStyleGames, and has done so since 2008. They also own three studios in Canada, and one in Ireland. Regardless of whether he thinks they might be more "reasonable," he could contact all of them and each one would tell him the same thing: "We just develop games, you'll have to contact Activision management in head office to discuss IP licencing." I think we can rest safe that he won't be getting the Space Quest IP any time soon, and the whole thing just serves to highlight his ineptitude and underhandedness.
  7. I doff my hat to you guys. I think it's amazing that anyone would go to the effort of building a game like this to help promote a project. Scott and Mark are very fortunate to have such dedicated fans.
  8. I'll quote something I just read on AdventureGamers, as it pertains to this topic:
  9. I'm not sure whether it was wise for Mojo to publish that article. It's fine for forum debate, but the claims are too speculative and unsubstantiated to warrant an article on the subject. I find it quite hard to maintain objectivity on this issue, because of my personal dislike for Paul Trowe that has grown after watching his behaviour over the past few weeks. I backed Leisure Suit Larry, and I don't regret that, nor do I want my money back, but he's making it hard for me to remain as excited about the project as I once was. I find myself almost wanting to believe the worst about him when claims like this surface. If we look at Gamespygeek the evidence is rather damning. The Myspace page had a photo of Trowe on it. The name "Jiminy Drambuie" is clearly a pseudonym. The style of writing is the same as Trowe's. He seems to have the same beef with people as Trowe does, namely the Two Guys / Chris Pope, and Wisecrack. The whole Myspace page mysteriously vanished as soon as the story broke. Now people have said "why would he publicly support the Two Guys and secretly undermine them at the same time?" Well I think it's quite plausible that he's merely being two-faced to protect his public image. He was almost forced into apologising here for his behaviour in a thread about the Two Guys, because people were turning against him. The sincerity of that apology is questionable, he could still be pissed off at them, and we know from Twitter/Facebook that he's an angry man, so the only outlet for his true feelings is via an anonymous account, and people are always at their most honest when they're anonymous. While that's going on he can publicly play the nice guy urging people to support them, and hope that no one is any the wiser. Of course, none of this evidence amounts to solid proof, it wouldn't hold up in a court and could be argued either way, so it comes down to our personal feelings to dictate which conclusion we believe. Personally I can't escape the feeling that Paul Trowe would be more than capable of this, just judging by his past actions and comments as an indicator. With the issue that Irishmile raised on the Replay forums, having two people posting from the same IP address is always suspicious. The people did have a plausible excuse though, that they work together. People naturally befriend their work colleagues, discuss their interests and opinions. It's foreseeable to me that two people who formed a friendship via work would back the same project and share a similar opinion on events. I know that I told all my friends about the campaigns I was supporting, in order to get them to pledge too, and typically when I discuss how I feel about something with a friend it's because I know they will agree with me. The fact that they come from Chicago, as does Ken from Wisecrack could also be seen as a little suspect, but Chicago is a big city, so it's hard to draw much from that other than co-incidence without something more substantive. Again, it's a lot of speculation, but I feel the argument of sabotage is much more of a stretch to make here, and I'm more willing to extend the benefit of the doubt towards everyone in this instance. I think it's a shame that everything got so blown out of proportion here. Wisecrack were misleading in their original approach, but had someone just politely messaged them and asked them to change the wording of their campaign then things could probably have been cleared up easily. The fact is that all the media involvement, threats of lawsuits, and mudslinging across social networks, all done by Paul Trowe, merely made Wisecrack look like the victims, and tarnished Paul's own image. Had Wisecrack refused a reasonable request, then I wouldn't be inclined to support them at this stage, but it's in fact Paul's unreasonable behaviour throughout that has really turned many people, including myself, against him, and made me more inclined to support Wisecrack. At the end of the day I want to see a positive, inclusive, adventure game community, where as many projects get funded and games get made as possible. There needs to be camaraderie and mutual support amongst small developers, and not in fighting and sabotage. In my eyes I feel that Paul Trowe is going to have to go a long way to redeem himself. Whether some of the claims about him are true or not, he's already done a lot of damage to himself without the help of anyone else. This annoys me a little. All the campaigns seem to support the idea of "Kick it Forward", yet because they all decided to launch in such a small period of time, it means they can't take advantage of this. I can understand the eagerness to capitalise on what they see as a shimmering new opportunity, but had they waited a year then they could have received a helpful cash injection from one of their former colleagues who had already produced a successful finished product.
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