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  1. So sad to hear. He seemed to be the consummate professional, king of the craft and all-around nice guy.  From Space Ghost, to Blue Falcon, to Laugh-in, to everything else (especially Space Quest) he had a measurable impact on my childhood. I worked in a toy department in a big box store during high school and would sign off on the PA during the crazy Christmas season with a “This is Gary Owens, signing off” when we would close. The parents seemed to get a kick out of it.


    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has lots of his Space Quest lines seared into his brain. There have been times when I have responded sarcastically with an “Oh joy” whenever I get some bad news or project that is going to be a pain in the arse. Or think to myself “Don’t mess with it!” to a misbehaving appliance or vehicle …all brought to life from his talents. He will be missed.

  2. It might get complicated quickly but a small segment every few podcasts about the "Science of Space Quest" could be interesting. It could be anything as cutting edge as universal translators, feasibility of shrinking machines, to green jello viscosity... Actually this is looking more like Mythbusters: Space Quest Edition


    Anyone have an image of Drool dressed like Jamie Hyneman?

  3. Judge me by my spice, do you? lol

    For your ally is The Sauce?


    Late Night Menu

    El Chupacabra Especial - It's goat suckin' good!

    Munchitos Bowl - What's in it? Whatever we have left over. It's 2:00am, you've lost your right to be picky.

    Re-heat-a Burrito (or fajita, or whateva)


    I was trying to think of something loosely tied to the Half Dome, but I got nothin'. Instead:

    El Capitan - Be the Captain's No. 2! A veritable mountain of nachos.


    And if it makes sense for Taco Nova to have a product tie-in with Cluck Y'Egger:

    Cluck Y'Egger Meal: El Pollo Loco con Huevos Grande! - Comes with collectible cup and Egg-flinger (chucker?) toy

  4. Hopefully I am not re-treading over anyone else's entry:



    * StarQuake Shakes

    - Vanilla

    - Chocolate

    - Blattfruit


    Spice Tea

    Sweet Tea


    Heavy Water

    Dr. Fizzion Soda


    [Adult Drink Menu]:

    Kerona Light Beer

    Starcore-ita (Pitcher)

    Jose Quasar Tequila

    Jose Quasar Tequila StarQuake Shake

    Dos Ickies - "Stay filthy my friends."




    * Taco Nova Tacos (hard or soft - we don’t judge)

     - beef, chicken or veggie

     - comes with choice of lettuce, pico de gallo, REAL Cheese, and salsa 


    * Indigestion Inception Burrito

     - Any burrito, wrapped inside a second burrito, wrapped inside a third burrito, smothered in onions, peppers and your choice of beans.  Comes with a free spinning top!


    * Xenomorph Rib Ticklers

    - Comes in 6 piece, 12 piece or 24 piece

    - Dipping Sauces: Honey Mucus, Acid Reduction, Tangy Buffalo Chip, and Ranch


    EDIT: Looks like I subconsciously stole this from tomimt's Xenomorph Slice.




    * Burpitos Grande

    - Chose two burritos (Beef, Chicken or Space Monkey) and make way for a heaping helping of double re-fried beans, and spicy rice. Add some sour cream, pico de gallo and our special Guacaholymole and you’ve got something you’ll be sharing for hours to come.



     * Double re-fried beans

     * Chili con Quesy (mystery meat or triple bean!)

     * Crater-tots


    * [Fiesta Packs!]:

    - Take one star shaped piñata and pack it full of our Chill Con Quesy, double re-fried beans, spicy rice, Guacaholymole, salsa and a solid core of our burritos and you have yourself a real nova of taste waiting to happen. One good hit and dinner is served for everyone! A few hours later and you’ll have your own nova experience - a real crowd pleaser.

    - Nuetron Star piñata - Serves 6

    - White Dwarf piñata - Serves 12

    - Red Super Giant piñata - Serves 256


    [Possible (poor) Slogans]:

    -“We won’t empty your pockets so you can leave with a real pant load!”

    -“Relive the flavor!”

    -“Outrun the burn!”

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