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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey Danny, I live in a small near Poitiers (300 kms south from Paris) - Steph
  2. Bountice

    Introduce Yourself!

    HI All, let me introduce myself now. So I'm Stéphane, 37 years old, living in France with my wife and our 3-years ols boy. I work in the IT departmet of an insurance company. I really start playing sierra games (and even computer games) with SQ3 when I was 12. I remember to have bought later a SB pro express to play SQ games. Some years ago we tried with some other guys (vonster d monster, ...) to make another SQ fan Game (called Vohaul's mines). But unfortunately it never comes to life. Since 2006 I help Spikey with the SierraMusicCentral website. I discovered SQ on internet with Frans's website. And since some years I am and admin here. of course I have also been far from that SQ community since my boy arrived in our family. But with the new TG game I am back and happy to see you all around here. Regards Steph
  3. Bountice

    WE'VE DONE IT!!!!!

    It's so amazing. The two guys are going to be back with a new game. yesssssss
  4. Bountice

    Help me win the CSS Design Award!

    Done too (a second time)
  5. Bountice

    Sq7.org is Back Online

    Hi Colin. It's great to see you around again.
  6. Bountice


    yessss I am in too !!!!
  7. Bountice

    ScumSoft V1.0 (LEGO MOC)

    One more exmplae I found today http://www.angelfire.com/games/hexdomain/images/SQ4SupercompEntry.gif
  8. Bountice

    ScumSoft V1.0 (LEGO MOC)

    wouaw awesome.
  9. Bountice

    Congrats pcj

    Hey man, I wish you a really happy sq-est birthday. Regards Steph
  10. Bountice

    It's official: The Two Guys from Andromeda are back

    Thanks guys. yeah Frans I love that avatar too. especially it's the one you did for me long time ago. Regards, Steph
  11. Bountice

    It's official: The Two Guys from Andromeda are back

    Hi guys, Sorry for not coming really often here. But what an amazing news. It's really great too to see you around here. Regards, Steph
  12. Bountice

    Vohaul Strikes Back!

    Congratulations to the team for the release of your game. I'll try to find time to try it soon. It's that kind of game that can keep SQ spirit alive.
  13. Bountice

    Space Quest 2 VGA remake

    OK, MI. I'll take it that way.
  14. Bountice

    Space Quest 2 VGA remake

    Do you have any kind of problem with that vohaul's mines project?
  15. Bountice

    space quest on your mobile???

    I found this sometimes ago when I was searching to way to make sq running on xbox. Thta's only way that i saw sq running on a mobile.
  16. Bountice

    space quest on your mobile???

    go to http://opentrap.narod.ru/ and you'll find more information