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  1. I was being completely serious -- no sarcasm or irony intended. I found your discussion of the extended EGA palette to be quite fascinating. I'm one of the least artistically inclined people on the planet, and it's always interesting to get a peek inside that kind of creative process. Carry on. :) Jess
  2. I'm currently working my way through Tales of Monkey Island (and replaying Borderlands on the side). Jess
  3. Same here. While most of my friends grew up on NES games, I was playing Sierra and LucasArts adventures. Oh, and since we're introducing ourselves, I'm Jess. I'm a 35-year-old political scientist (whatever that is) in the US. I launched the web's first Space Quest fansite, Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset, back in 1995. I'm a pop culture omnivore, and while I've increasingly gravitated toward the RPG genre in recent years, I've spent the last few months rediscovering my love of adventure games. Jess
  4. I have nothing valuable to add other than to say that I find this discussion of color palettes surprisingly fascinating. Thanks, Johnathon! Jess
  5. I think Jared makes an excellent point regarding the lack of development in SQ6's supporting cast. Stellar is probably handled the best, but even then, her history with Roger is mostly implied. Were they former academy buddies? Crew mates? Lovers? Stellar is given enough attention to make it clear that she's important to Roger (and vice versa), but I wouldn't say we know as much about her actual personality as we do about, say, Cliffy. Similarly, we have hints that Roger and Circuit Sydney share a Data/Geordi-style friendship. In-game, however, Sydney isn't so much a character that sheds l
  6. Back in mid-'90s, the average SQ1 speedrun took over 46 hours -- and we liked it! ;) Jess
  7. Space Quest 6 came at a strange time for me. As I recall, I was rushing to finish the game in time for the Broomcloset's launch in November 1995. As a result, I didn't really take the time to fully appreciate SQ6 during my first play-through. I just wanted to finish it as quickly as possible so I could write a walk-through and launch my website. While I've definitely played bits and pieces since, I've never really gone back and given SQ6 the attention it deserves. My struggles during the Hangout are evidence of that. ;) Jess
  8. I struggled mightily with large chunks of Space Quest 6 -- and still do, as evidenced by my performance during the first Super-Fan Hangout. Still, that accursed glass shard in Space Quest 1 may be the longest I've ever been stuck on an adventure game puzzle. Jess
  9. The key is keeping those mentions of Al Lowe as modest as possible. "From the game design duo that once worked down the hall from the legendary Al Lowe, it's Ace Hardway in SpaceVenture!" ;) Jess
  10. Thanks again, s_d! I just updated the front page with the new version. Jess
  11. Snouts at the ready, reunited after split. It's SpaceVenture time. Behold, Ace Hardway! Poultry-obsessed space plumber. "Sit, Rooter! Good dog."
  12. It's too soon to go into much detail, but I have a feeling we'll see Pledge Quest's Bea back in action sooner or later. Jess
  13. Well, that depends. ;) Did you build the OSX port from the version posted by Akril earlier in this thread, or the version posted on the front page here at SQN? Akril's was the updated version (1.1). Prior to the release of your OSX port, the version on the front page (1.0) still had the smell/taste bug. If you used the older version originally and want to update it, Version 1.1 is available for download here. I believe the Linux version is also currently based on the older version. Anyway, if someone decides to make the updates to either port, just let me know and I'll change the lin
  14. I've channeled all that excess post-Kickstarter energy into revisiting adventure games I haven't played in ages (or at all, for that matter). So far, my selection has included Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkess, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Next up is the iOS version of Broken Sword. It's like methadone to replace my addiction to checking the Kickstarter numbers every three minutes for a month straight. ;) Jess
  15. The Talking Bear is all that you would imagine him to be...and more! Jess
  16. I believe the Linux port is based on version 1.0; I'm not sure about the OSX version. Jess
  17. Okay, I admit it. While writing Pledge Quest, I ripped several letters -- and, on a few occasions, entire words -- from Infocom text adventures. ;) Jess
  18. I've updated the story on the front page with Version 1.1 for Windows (featuring minor olfactory/gustatory bug fixes) and links to the Linux and Mac ports. Thanks again for all your hard work, Lunchbox and s_d! Jess
  19. Awesome work, Lunchbox! I appreciate the effort to get Pledge Quest out there on as many platforms as possible. Jess
  20. Awesome work, everybody! It's really encouraging to see the fan community pull together and swell its ranks like this. Congratulations to Mark, Scott, and Chris! Jess
  21. It's okay by me! :) Jess
  22. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/06/stupidity-was-immensely-rewarding-in-space-quest-iii/
  23. http://mygaming.co.za/news/news/39567-two-guys-from-andromeda-need-help-to-make-their-kickstarter-target.html
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