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  1. S_D, Sounds like a great idea! You guys are free to use any of the stuff I've created for TGfA thus far, and I'd be willing to collaborate further on anything if requested and able. This is a great community with a lot of talented artists and programmers, and I feel good to have finally come out and met everyone here (I've been lurking the SQ boards since probably 2003). Also seems like a good opportunity to collaborate with other talented people to produce good work from like minded individuals. Also I'm quite relieved the KS was successful and has ended, haven't slept this well in a while...
  2. Just got to open it and play for a bit (still at work...), looks great Akril!! Good job!
  3. Hey Akril! No worries! If you'd like to use my artwork please do, if it would make your job any more difficult then don't, no worries! Also if you need for me to create any background states (ie. door open/close states, etc), or if you would need the final psd, just let me know. No problems, and thanks for the compliments! And cannot wait until I play the final product!
  4. Hey guys! I did this image for the room art if you guys want to use it. I have the original psd, if you need that as well. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. While the positivity on here is admirable, I'm not quite so optimistic. I'm not saying it won't happen, maybe call me a very cautious optimist. Today was a slow day (6,464) in terms of the average daily pledges we need to reach the goal. And while a surge in pledges is almost sure to happen at the end, it's still a bit improbable it will be enough to lift the project, if it does not reach near the averages it needs to, to reach the goal. Republique was something of an anomaly, which had not been precedented or replicated yet, so I wish people would stop using it as "proof" that this will make it. For one Republique had a professional advertising company behind it, as well, it had a lot more specifics and even gameplay footage in it's pitch. For the numbers side of things, consider: As of 9:15pm (pst), we are at 283,611 of 500,000 We need 216,389 in 9 days (no longer 10, as it will skew the average) so we need an average of $24,043 per day. To compensate for the anticipated 'surge', consider: Final surge statistics (final 3 days): low: Jane Jenson 1 - 14,352 2 - 22,605 3 - 28,983 Total - 65,940 avg: 21,980 mid: Larry 1 - 29,382 2 - 36,083 3 - 31,233 Total - 96,698 avg: 32,232 high: Republique 1 - 53,064 2 - 84,882 3 - 118,491 Total - 256,437 avg: 85,479 In terms of probability statistics you could argue a lot of things, different audiences (# of adventure genre fans, vs stealth 3d fans), visibility to public, current pledgers ability to raise pledges, concurrent campaigns competing (ie. Tex Murphy, some backers may overlap but certainly they will be pledging more for one vs the other), etc, but..... these numbers will at least give us a good low to high range for this surge, to actually quantify an estimate rather than refer to it as some mythological, subjective term to just compensate for anything we may be lacking by the time we reach those last 3 days. Let's average those 3 totals to get: 139,691 (estimated surge value, keep in mind the Republique high skews the average a bit), the last 3 days will need to avg. 46,563 / day For that to be sufficient we need to have a total of 360,309 in 6 days, (subtract 'current' total), which is 76,698 in addition to what we have, that's an avg. 12,783 / day, which seems doable, certainly better than 24,043, however also relies on a much larger 'surge' than both Larry and Morpheus. Sorry if thats mind numbing, and it's a complete guesstimation and most likely will not occur this way, but I think gives us some kind of projection of what we need to accomplish in the next 9 days. It's daunting for sure, not completely out of the rhealm of possibility, but the last 2 days have seen a 6k average, which certainly will not help us reach that 12.7K average we need to hedge our bets on a 140k est. surge. And personally I'd like to see this greatly exceed 500k, however at this point I'd be happy if we just made the minimum. If anyone sees anything wrong w/ the math here, it's basic averaging, let me know. Or if someone has a better way to make a projection or estimation, please share. I'm really hoping we can do this!
  6. Hello All! Long time reader, first time posting. I'm usually writing as andromedan_denizen in the chats. I am thrilled that the Guys from Andromeda are back and ready to give us a new sci-fi adventure game. Hopefully we can make our 500k goal, although at this date it is looking a tad bleak. While we had a good day yesterday we'll need to average $16,660.75 / day to reach our goal. So I figure we need to do as much as possible (as I'm sure everyone is aware) to promote the project, and motivate the $15 tiers up. To help the effort I compiled this promo video. Watch it here: Let me know what you guys think of it, and if you like it, let's try and get it out there to help promote the project. I just felt the project could use more video, this is mostly footage from SQ, but I think it helps illustrate some of the memorable scenes from a beloved series. I modeled and rendered the Aluminum Mallard for the fly by shots, although I had to cut it short a bit because I was quite busy with work this week, and just to get it out the door before too much time has passed. I'm hoping to add more artwork from the campaign as it comes through, and maybe even more Mallard shots in there. Also was thinking it might be an interesting viral to do a craigslist ad for the Mallard, and render a still of it in front of a house or something, and make it up like a real for sale ad. Any more suggestions are welcome, cheers! Mike
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