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  1. We need it in the style of Louis Theroux: "As I finally met the two guys I couldn't help but wondering: Who exactly were they again?"
  2. Who's over compensating here? :D
  3. I don't think there will be any more (prototypes). There might be a demo close to the release of the game.
  4. Tim Schafer gave us a mention on Twitter:
  5. Well, I meant maybe put it behind spoiler tags, or on a separate page. Also your adventure skills sucks :P
  6. Hey one thing. Do we really want to include the walkthrough in the news update? It seems a bit counter productive for an adventure game... :)
  7. I was more thinking in terms of it might be a fake, but yeah, I don't think so. Just as Bill Shockley's comment on the KS update today is like real.
  8. At the risk of this being another trolling (though looking more legit) one of the commenters in the KS noticed that Corey Cole commented in the Gamasutra article:
  9. Totally. I've been trying to push it a little bit. I think it really shows what an awesome guy Scott is.
  10. Appreciate you setting things straight.
  11. yeah, that's really the thing here. There is always going to be some idiot "misinterpreting" things. I really think the key is not to get fired up about, and not start a biggering match with the individual. For example the youtube comments. One guy makes a stupid comment. And suddenly 12 people is down on his throat and the whole comment section is about whether or not the video is offensive. It would be much more helpful to ignore him, or at least only dignify him with one or two responses. Chances are he is trolling anyway. Instead try to steer the conversation away from negativity.
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