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Who knows...? (little alive FAQ)


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The thread for any little SQ-related questions and fast answers. To not create new (and little) threads.




And mines:


- why SQ TLC is called SQX? (Note: some Russians called it SQ7, lol)


- why SubChan was closed?


- Scott liked (likes) to play SQs?


- some ver of SQ7 (sierra) demo existed? But now it's lost?


- can SQ (Escape F.) (I called it SQ Xbox) be published in future as gameplay videos&pics were? I mean, there's a demo, Sierra hasn't plans to it, so EF can release it just like free 'PR' game, or they can't anyway?


- why IA (2 VGA) and Mr.DD (Incineration) don't be afraid wrath of Negavision?


- why and who named SQ hero? I know about ref. to 'roger that' and 'will command', but why anyway???

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i.e. people (SQ fans) ran away from SubChan?! Last update was in 2008. So it's all because of cancelling Colin's SQ7?



As I already said in Frans iview thread, fanon is the one can save SQ community. Big fanon. HUGE and crazy fanon. Seems, fans put their all forces to support very big project as Colin's SQ7 which was dead. So people 'died' with it.


We also have so little fans in Ru around SQ community, although there're really more fans of SQ. But perhaps they haven't motivation to be together in one place. All plays Call of Duty or WarCraft, a bit sadly...

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The SubChan death has nothing to do with Colin or SQ7. People grew up and moved on. Many of the regulars who created sites, fan material, or debated the series were gone by 2001, most were gone by 2003. It was closed in 2008 but nobody was talking there for a long time and Space Quest had not been discussed there since the release of SQ0. The SubChan was dead for a long ago it just wasn't properly buried.


For your other question, there is no SQ7 demo, if one existed we would have heard about it already and Escape Factory was closed long ago and I don't think they would be allowed to release what they did anyway.

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Thanks, Bugle!


So they got the Grow virus... New version of Full Destroyer -> F##kin' Absolutely Destroying E-E-E-EVIL! aka F.A.D.E.


Project FADE was designed by Col. Uranus in 2000 after no Millenium End of the World.


Earthian bastards must pay - he decided and created The Cool Plan. Absolutely f##kin destroy of Fun Fan Fon, i.e. SQ comm. and then whole Sierra.


'We all want to be grown and then we see we were wrong'

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