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It looks like SpaceVenture will be releasing shortly! ❤️


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People probably got email from Kickstarter, but for anyone who didn't, it looks like the game will be shipping next month!


Hey everyone! We are super excited to make this announcement! The Kickstarter update that we have all been waiting for is finally upon us. On September 16th, 2022 we are officially releasing the Windows DRM-free version of SpaceVenture to all of you $15 and up backers.

There's a more extensive FAQ on their post, but I'm terrifically excited to see it come out, and grateful and thankful for the years and years of work by so so many people that have gone into this.


-E "Excited vibes"

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It is very exciting. On one hand, you look at the pathetic lack of updates and activity on the SVRewards site, and you tend to feel a tad discouraged;  but on the other hand, you look at the sheer vision (I mean, what they have shown is pretty impressive/amusing/clever) and you feel re-assured that they're still the real deal. I'm not sure what exactly accounts for the hiccups--and I can understand how others have been discouraged/lost faith due to the mixed signals... but somehow I knew these guys ultimately were honest and that they would accomplish this.

Life happens. I'm sure there's some explanation (not that we need to hear it) for everything that's gone wrong. I'm trying to focus on the things that have gone right--and honestly, I already called this a short time ago in the just previous update. I staked my reputation (as being a fool or not 🙂 ) on that they would release it this year. I was right. I gleaned this sense just from going back and looking at the updates/chronology as a whole. You could kind of get the impression that there was something (or something(s)) going wrong--the full extent/details of which we may never know--which were holding them back--but you also could pick up on the genuine-ness. I knew they were for real and I could sense that they were really struggling/pushing to follow through.

This is the first and only kickstarter I have ever funded. I funded $526 (I would've funded more if I wasn't so pathetic-assed broke, haha!) and I could not possibly be more proud.

I am so excited to realize this product a couple weeks from now.

Great going, Scott, Mark, Chris, Patrick (no offense to any others whose names I do not know yet); thanks for making this happen. Don't listen to the naysayers. Entitlement and a lack of empathy are unfortunately a trademark of the era in which we currently exist

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It's out (for backers).   I don't see SpaceVenture in my Kickstarter page, and the last email I received was June 2020.

This page doesn't exist anymore:

The email I received in 2020 was from MailChimp, not Kickstarter:

Project Progress as of July 2017

SpaceVenture Project Progress as of July 2017 https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/1939655
Copyright © 2017 Guys From Andromeda LLC, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this because you backed the Kickstarter campaign SpaceVenture

Our mailing address is:
Guys From Andromeda LLC
PO Box 999
Powder Springs, GA 30127
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