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Hiya, folks! Sit back, and I'll tell you a story.


Many years ago, in the long lost era of the Beforetime (that is, sometime around 2004), there was a Space Quest fan. This fan desperately wanted to contribute something of value to the SQ community...something creative, something epic. To his frustration, this fan only had one real talent - writing - and thus, while it wasn't his first choice of creative formats, he decided to nonetheless use that talent to the best of his ability.


This was the result.


This is the prologue chapter of what was originally going to be a full novelization of Space Quest 2 - heavily inspired by Troels Pleimert's own version of Space Quest 1 (linked to in this thread). Back in 2004, I posted this chapter as a preview for perusal by the SQ fan community, under an alias (I was inexperienced at the time, and overly sensitive to critique). The response I got was positive, and so I set out to make the whole thing a reality.


Unfortunately, the SQ community was already well on the downslope by this point in time. After finishing the first several chapters, I realized that by the time I finished it, there probably wouldn't be anyone left around to care. :? A general malaise began to set in, I got distracted by Real Life, and before I knew it, years had passed and I'd lost all ties to the community.


And then suddenly SQ is back and I'm all like "Dude!" :shock:


I'm diving head-first back into the thick of things, and as a welcoming present (or more accurately, a thanks-for-putting-up-with-me-all-over-again present), I'm posting this work again on my DeviantArt account, this time under my own name. It's probably the best piece of fiction I've ever written (which says something for my writing skills...) and I'm rather proud of it. Be gentle. :wink:


For what it's worth, I still have the other chapters I wrote all those years ago. They're in severe need of cleaning up (much like this one was), but if the demand is there, I'm willing to post them as well - heck, maybe even finish the blasted book completely. What say you, Space Questers?

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I love it. Also, while the links in the desciption are indeed broken, thanks for supporting VSB and SQInc :)


In fact, I'd suggest that you team up with Chris and do a novelisation of SQInc. Your writing style fits perfectly.

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The links in the description below seem to be broken.

Fixed. Apparantly, HTML-style link tags don't work the same in DeviantArt file descriptions as they do in the file itself. My mistake - I've only recently decided to actually *use* my DA account for stuff and don't know a lot about how things work yet. Speaking of which, I have some other SQ goodies that will be linked to shortly.


...thanks for supporting VSB and SQInc

Support? I'm cramming them down the proverbial throat of *every single person I know*. :rolleyes:


In fact, I'd suggest that you team up with Chris and do a novelisation of SQInc. Your writing style fits perfectly.

Who is this enigmatic "Chris" you mention? ;) Pardon my stupidity, but I've been away for a while and only really know a lot of folks by their screen names...

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