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Did these a long, long time ago, in a janitor closet far, far away...


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Still love 'em! Incidentally, these machinimas basically landed Tawmis the role of Roger Wilco in VSB, so you can look forward to hearing more from him there :)


Yes! If life will slow down JUST A TAD to give me time to finish my lines (and re-record the ones I fubar'ed) :lol:

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Thank you, sir! Been doing the voice acting for quite a few years now... Even got trained and the whole bit.


The Space Quest ones were very low end - essentially I had taken a break from doing Neverending Nights - and wanted to see how it would look to use an OLD game to make a machinima, when the rest of the world was obsessed with using the latest and greatest games (at the time they were all HALO based games, essentially because of the success of Red vs Blue that everyone else tried to capture). I have always gone against the norm (everyone was using HALO, I used Neverwinter Nights and Space Quest). :-)

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