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My Stupid Youtube.com Idea


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Hello Space Quest Fans!


I'm very psyched about this project. I was at the SQ marathon chatting with a few SQ fans and I mentioned an idea I had last night (a few beers were involved).


Do you guys think that perhaps we should try to leverage the impressive voice talent we have a bit more?


My stupid idea was youtube videos featuring the individual voice talent (as cut from the kickstarter videos).




Gary Owens -- the Man with the Golden Voice -- on SpaceVenture!


Rob Paulsen - Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs, Raphael the Ninja Turtle -- on SpaceVenture!



Robert Clotworthy – Jim Raynor from StarCraft -- on SpaceVenture!


Ellen McLain - GLaDOS from the Portal - and John Patrick Lowrie -- from Halo, Half-life 2 -- on Space Venture!


These people are very impressive and I hear their characters referenced in everyday conversations. No doubt people are typing "GLaDOS" and "Pinky" into youtube.


Of course each video would end with a like to the kickstarter page or a cut of the pitch from the 2Guys.


Do you think this is a good idea? Would these videos get hits? Did I have one too many beers last night?


- David6858

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I think that might help... It's be interesting to see more videos that work on more than the kickstarter and nostalgia front, or try to appeal from different angles.


I tried sneaking a plug for the Kickstarter on to Boing Boing, with that youtube video of the SQ3 art timelapse --

Submission here (yes, some exaggeration in the writing on my part): http://submit.boingb...-timelapse.html

(not the strongest submission, but it seemed like something they might actually post.. those blogs love retro graphics!)


I dont know exactly what other things in this category might look like, or if there's any good ideas.. Maybe a well edited video of every death sequence (fast with a good soundtrack)? Some sort of video with the voice actors might get traction.. Don't know if there's any crazy-good-at-video-editing fans, or what might come out of it... But it'd be nice to see more fan videos of stuff :)

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