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space quest 4


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I started playing Space Quest a few years ago.

I have completed games 1, 2, and 3 so far and I liked them very much.

I am working now on Space Quest 4 and have a technical problem.

I read about this somewhere else on this website.

I believe that if I download a certain patch correctly, I will be able to get past the point in the game where I am stuck.

I need to make sure I do it right so I was hoping for specific instructions on how to definitely avoid this bug in the game.

I definitely want to continue these games so I would appreciate a reply on how to proceed.

I am happy to join the forums.

If you don't understand what I'm asking for, let me know and I will explain further.

Thank you.

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You do not say which version of the game you have nor exactly which bug has stopped you. If it is one of the speed bugs, you are probably referring to the NewRisingSun patch. If you have not applied it or you did not apply it properly, it will be recommended that you start from the beginning after correctly applying the patch. Also, the speed bugs can be addressed by the use of DOSBox. My new installer will apply all relevant patches and automatically set the game up in DOSBox. You will be able to start the game from a regular Windows shortcut.



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Thank you for your reply Collector.

I am using the Space Quest Collection CD.

The bug is with the Skate-O-Rama trying to escape the Sequel Police.

Please be more specific with your instructions.

I would like to know exactly what to click on until the patch is installed.

I am not as advanced with computers probably so please be patient.

I want to make sure I did it right before I restart the game.

And I am fine with restarting the game as I knew I would have to.

I did see the link you posted but I am still not sure what exactly I am supposed to do.

Thanks for your time.



Admin edit: Please don't post with black text, it makes it difficult to try to read on a dark-schemed forum theme. Thank you.

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Collector linked you to a page where you could download a installer for Space Quest IV. Locate it on that page, download it, and run it. There are instructions included in the installer. You'd probably have to start from scratch again, though.


Also moved this thread to the appropriate section.

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