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Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum

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Wow, this looks incredible. I'm going to back it. I live in southern California, so I could easily check it out. I'm just a little confused about the goal. Only $82,000? To create a permanent museum? Are they going to lease a property in Hollywood? I don't know anything about development or construction, but, for comparison, supposedly the renovation work being done on the two Equinox sports clubs in West LA and Orange County is costing 15 million, and all I've seen there is new wall tile and flooring so far. So I can't imagine how $82,000 could even come close to funding a seemingly major development like this. Or maybe I'm missing something or have the wrong idea about this?


Also, when this thing opens, I promise I will try to go on the first weekend and will dress like Roger Wilco. Maybe I'll try to get the attention of some reporter so I'll get on tv and will be able to say something Space Quest-related.

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