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Tattoos: Got 'em? Want 'em? Sierra-related ones?

Cosmic Castaway

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Anyone out there with ink? Anyone with Sierra related ink? While I don't presently have any tattoos, I do enjoy seeing what sort of designs others have and hearing the stories behind their ink. I've seen quite a few interesting sci-fi and gaming tattoos, but never anything related to Space Quest or Sierra. So if anyone's got some tattos they're comfortable sharing, or desings they're considering, Sierra related or not, please do so! Natrually anything that's NSFW should carry a warning. And I figure it goes without saying, but this thread probably shouldn't get turned into a discussion about tattoos; I know a lot of people have strong opinions one way or the other, but let's save any flaming for a different thread.

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Considering the narrator's remarks about the timepods' resemblance to tennis shoes, did you think about getting it done on your foot?


The more I think about it, the more I don't really see many Sierra references lending themselves to good tattoos. Quest for Glory and King's Quest honestly feel like they have more material to draw from (no pun intended) than Space Quest. Though I suppose a pin-up style piece of WD40 might be kind of neat. Or if you feel like being tacky, a heart with "Wankmeister" in it. ;) As far as KQ is concerned, the Dangling Participle might make for a decent one.

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