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And, as Akril pointed out in one of my podcast episodes, the fish DOES actually have inventory descriptions -- they were recorded and are in the resource file on the CD. They just weren't implemented in the game.


Part of me wondered if the descriptions were edited out for good taste reasons. Maybe somebody in QA felt leery of having the narrator describe a rotting fish.



Someone should open up SQ2 in AGI Studio and edit that in.

Because we all know how well me editing SQ2 worked last time. :mellow:

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Yes, Troels, I know that there are some descriptions of the fish in the files. In my first post of this thread, I meant that there are none in-game.


Dat Engineer, what did you try to modify in Space Quest II?

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You can't get an open spore in the game itself. So that must've either been part of an earlier design, or Mark just drew it in case Scott wanted to write something snarky about having picked up a useless object.


Could you post the graphic of it here?

Here it is. I just took a screen capture of it... otherwise it would only be like 26 pixels by 46 pixels if I would have got the original


*Ok, sorry about that... I see now that someone else already stuck an image up. Thats what I get for not looking through the whole thread lol


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