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Soo, the Internet Archive released a bunch of old DOS-games...

Fronzel Neekburm

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"THEY DID WHAT?!?!?!?!?!"


A bunch of Sierra classics are among the list of released games as well. Even some rather obscure titles that yours truly never even heard of. Click here! Activision, you've had your chance to milk that cow for all it was worth and you blew it!


edit: Tried my hand at "Mixed-Up Fairy Tales", because that's how tough muthafuckas roll! I don't know why, but for some reason the interface doesn't do anything. Oh well, maybe I'll try some of the other stone-age-Sierras later, maybe those will work properly.


edit 2: LSL 5 asks me for my password. Never having entered one, I'm thrown out of the game after a few unsuccessful attempts. :P


I guess I'll stick with my GOG collection after all... :wub:


Hopefully, this will serve as a wake up call to the dumb cj8mrw6us.pngnts at Activision to rerelease their old stuff. (Yeah, fat chance! But a man can still dream, right?!)

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Slightly related to the topic, but mostly a naked attempt at self promotion:


I was interviewed (briefly) by The New Yorker about the internet archive.




The whole thing is fascinating, I think. But then I have to think that. Because I want to be paid to look at it.

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It was a series of pages. They were different news stories, but the advert was over all of them. As someone looking specifically at the RNIB, they were duplicates. If you were looking at news websites in the mid-00s, they weren't.


I think deduplication needs to be done by users based on their use case. But that needs access to raw data, coding knowledge, and a firm definition on what counts as a "duplicate". None of that is trivial.

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