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SQ1 VGA Questions

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Pretty much the same as pcj. Didn't know about Korea or Scott's feelings before and still disliked the style. I actually thought the Two Guys were responsible for it because of the Instant Replays. The only thing I really liked was the soundtrack.

This. I only found out about Korea about a year ago.

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I actually generally prefer almost all of Sierra's remakes of their classic games, with the exception of the Quest for Glory I Remake (don't get me wrong, that game is beautiful in its own right, but I really enjoy the EGA original. This, though, is moreso due to my love of Sierra's SCI-0 design system). My main reason for preferring the remakes is my general dislike of Sierra's AGI system, though. I have only played the SQI remake once (whereas I have played the original several times), but I liked it a lot better, mainly due to Josh Mandel's terrific dialog, Ken Allen's soundtrack, and as Troels mentioned earlier, the seamless transition of a parser game into a point-and-click interface.


I'm not going to lie. I don't generally have a much of an eye for art in games. I've recently learned to appreciate it, but I mainly play games for their story and character development, and since I haven't played through the Space Quest series as many times as the other people on this forum, it's difficult for me to really say whether or not that it fits the overall feel or vibe of the series. I know that for me, I was able to enjoy the game quite a bit while I played it, and it is one of my favorite Space Quest games (after Space Quest III and V). I took some time in composing this post to go online and really compare the artwork in this game to the rest of the series, and I do admit, it is quite different indeed! I didn't notice it when I was playing through the game myself last year, but seeing it in comparison to the others, it's quite surprising just how different it is.


I can definitely still appreciate the artistic direction of this game, though. I've never seen any 1950's sci-fi, so I really have no basis for comparison except for what a Google search could show me, but I can definitely see the point that several people have brought up about that vibe. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, but I think that if it were to fit with the overall feel of the original series, it would need a lot more darker colors. Mark seems to favor a lot of blue, green, and purple in his games, which are mostly missing from the SQI Remake. Again, not a bad thing, but a definite stylistic difference nonetheless.


So, in conclusion, while I totally understand several people's perspectives in preferring the originals, at the same time, I think that the remake in and of itself is a fun game, and one that I would definitely play again someday!


Talk to you later!




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