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  1. Ah, drama in the Sierra Community. Actually, Sierra Planet had quite a bit of drama back in the day, but 98% of it was kept off the message boards and reserved for Yahoo Messenger/AIM. :D Thankfully, all of that has been resolved. But then again, Sierra Planet is a shadow of what it once was, sadly. :( Even with the new King's Quest game out, Sierra Planet hasn't had tons of traffic like it once did. Talk to you later!!! JDHJANUS Josh
  2. I actually generally prefer almost all of Sierra's remakes of their classic games, with the exception of the Quest for Glory I Remake (don't get me wrong, that game is beautiful in its own right, but I really enjoy the EGA original. This, though, is moreso due to my love of Sierra's SCI-0 design system). My main reason for preferring the remakes is my general dislike of Sierra's AGI system, though. I have only played the SQI remake once (whereas I have played the original several times), but I liked it a lot better, mainly due to Josh Mandel's terrific dialog, Ken Allen's soundtrack, and as Tr
  3. The information on that site is in error concerning the SQI Remake. I believe the last Sierra game released for the Apple II was King's Quest IV AGI. The Atari ST handled releases up through Sierra's SCI-0 releases, they stopped support after the move to VGA (although I suppose technically it wouldn't have been that hard to port the EGA version of the SQI Remake to the Atari ST). Nevertheless, Collector is correct in that the only versions that were released for the remake were DOS (both EGA and VGA), Macintosh, and Amiga. I *have* seen a KIXX box that uses the SQI Remake cover art for an
  4. Stunt Flyer was not a Red Baron rip off, but actually a game that was released by Sierra in 1983. It didn't sell very well, though. http://www.sierragamers.com/Stunt-Flyer Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  5. I actually had the honor of speaking to Douglas Herring today concerning the Space Quest I Remake. According to him: "About two-thirds of the backgrounds for SQ1 VGA were indeed painted in Korea. It was a cost move that I did not personally like, but that is the way things were back in the day. I laid them all out, and they trickled out to Korea a few at a time, another reason there were some inconsistencies. They learned from SQ1 to send all of the layouts to a game at once, that way they got the same team of artists and there was more continuity. A few came out quite nice; others, no
  6. If you'll have me, I will be continuing my story on the Quest for the Two Guys from Andromeda, working up to the conclusion (approximately 6-7 chapters left in the story, so we'll see how things go down here!) Looking forward to season 3!!!! Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  7. You just very aptly summed up a lot of the problems that I have with King's Quest III. I hope you enjoy King's Quest IV! It's one of my favorites in the series, and it's a really fun game. As Tomimt mentioned, it definitely has the typical King's Quest dead ends, but it's much more forgiving than King's Quest III, and although the entire game is on a timer (you have to actually complete it in 24 real-time hours, I believe), it's fairly simple to do, even if you don't necessarily know what you're doing. And yes, you should definitely use Collector's installer! The sound effects along with t
  8. It's nice to hear overall general positive (or at the very least, less negative) perspectives of this trailer here than in a lot of places (some people have downright attacked the game based on the trailer in other locations on the web). I myself am actually looking forward to it, and I found the trailer to be really cool and exciting. Even if the game does have some action elements in it, I actually enjoy action-adventures, and I've played several that have been designed so well that they really shine out even moreso than some traditional adventure games (such as Ico or Okami for the PS2)
  9. Loved the newest chapter!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm guessing more will be told in the following chapters, but am I to presume the Gritt incident happened sometime between Space Quest XI and XII? Looking forward to reading more!!! Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  10. JimmyTwoBucks, you can use a certain item and still end up on the pirate ship after it sets sail, but the item itself is not always the most reliable thing to use, and it can lead to some unusual situations (and most often, death). Still, you aren't completely in a dead end situation, if memory serves me correctly. Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  11. Yay!!! Glad that your kitty is back!!!! I've been meaning to ask about that. Hope that new kitty and old kitty end up becoming close friends!!! You don't think that Pete Toleman had anything to do with your kitty being returned to you, do you? ;) Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  12. Looking forward to reading this!!! Just read it, and I thought it was AMAZING! Looking forward to reading more chapters!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Akril!!! Love your work! :D Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  13. I regret to inform everyone that my newest chapter will once again be delayed. I was really hoping to work on it during the holiday weekend; however, craziness + sickness + business prevented me from doing so. Sorry to drop the ball again! I promise I haven't given up on the story! Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  14. If the world had stopped in 1989, you'd only be 4 years old! :D Can you imagine what Pete Toleman was like as a 4 year old? Now that's scary to think of!!! :D Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  15. Congratulations on beating the first two games in the series!!! :D The sword merely exists as an optional puzzle solution. You never actually have to use it in the game, although you can use it as an alternate solution (for less points) for several puzzles. As far as the actual "best" solution, I have researched several times and haven't been able to find any evidence in my research of mythology or fairy tales that would suggest such an unusual puzzle solution. King's Quest III is my least favorite in the series, but a lot of people like it, so I hope you enjoy it as well! :) I feel th
  16. I am not aware of any connection that Pegasus has to any snake or serpent in mythology. Do you know what specifically the idea came from? While I do understand that PQ and C:I have a lot of "real-life" simulation aspects to them, the games were still advertised (and often viewed) as adventure games. And they definitely have a lot of adventure game aspects that bring them closer to Sierra's other parser and point and click adventures, so you could argue that despite the simulator aspects, they still have a lot of adventure elements to them. As someone who dislikes simulation and action/arca
  17. I will try to get pics up of my Space Quest collection this weekend. I would love to find the original black box Space Quest I complete (to include the grid background), as well as the Space Quest 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  18. Ack, now that I think about it, maybe we *did* get to the sewers. It's been years since I played it as a kid. I honestly don't remember how far we got. Thanks for sharing, PCJ! :D Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  19. Yeah, the King's Quest games don't really have arcade sequences, but they do have a lot of tricky footwork, especially in the first 4 games. Climbing the beanstalk in the original King's Quest I is a pain, as is navigating the stairs in Dracula's castle in King's Quest II. King's Quest III has the mountain path, and King's Quest IV has both Lolotte's Castle and the abandoned house. All of the King's Quest games have possible dead ends, although, as Brandon said, King's Quest V is by far the worst. I wasn't a big fan of King's Quest III, but then again, I'm not generally a fan of Sierra
  20. Loved the newest episode! Frederik did a fantastic job of getting it recorded and up! :D I agree. Although I'm not generally a fan of death in gaming, I can see how it can definitely add a lot of tension to a serious situation, in games like Gabriel Knight. At the same time, I think that it can be really funny to see some of the deaths, if done in the vain of games like Space Quest VI or King's Quest VII, where you get to see some of the funny death scenes and allows you to start over from right before you died. VSB and Incinerations both do a great job with death, allowing it to be a part
  21. Despite how many people like this game, I found the puzzles in King's Quest III to be rather challenging. First, realizing that the wizard was on a timer, then actually figuring out how to get rid of the wizard....We played that game for years when I was a kid and we could never figure out how to get rid of Manannan. We cast all the spells, and we had the cookie, but the game never told you that you could actually get rid of the wizard, and the idea that you could hide things under the bed and they wouldn't be noticed was also never explicitly mentioned in the game. We literally thought that
  22. Heart hat, huh, Brandon? :D Your music piece was fantastic! It sounds pretty awesome!! I look forward to hearing more! Gareth, Frederik, Jess, Serena, and Alan, it was great to hear your parts as well! Thanks for sharing! Sorry that I wasn't able to contribute to the most recent podcast. *Apparently* my story wasn't acceptable for Pete Toleman... ;) (Actually, I legitimately dropped the ball and have been crazy busy and wasn't able to get a recording in on time). That having been said, my story is continuing, and the next chapter should (barring any random problems that would
  23. Let us know when you're ready for submissions again! I've been laboring away on the story, and am ready to record more chapters whenever you want them! :) Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
  24. An idea for an episode, although you may have already covered it to some extent. But it was something we were discussing at the Phoenix Online forums, and I thought it could make an interesting topic for your podcast. Trends of difficulty in adventure games. It seems that modern adventure games that have come out in the past 15 years are significantly easier than the games of the late 80's and early 90's, which in turn were considered to be significantly easier than the text adventure games of the 70's and early 80's. What do you think? Are games getting easier? Is this a good thing or a b
  25. Would you be willing to pay one GOLD coin to play the LucasArts games on GOG? ;) Talk to you later! JDHJANUS Josh
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